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XtraPlan “Free Membership” Registration Click on the Register button.

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1 XtraPlan “Free Membership” Registration Click on the Register button

2 XtraPlan “Free Membership” Registration Click on the Register button

3 Enter Referrer Code Type the Referrer Code in the box and click sign As an Affiliate this “Referrer Code” will be filled in Automatically with your Code and this page will be bypassed to next page for Member Sign up…..

4 Registration Form Complete Member Registration form: Fill in Red * Tax ID and Social Security are not required fields

5 Welcome Page With Link to your Personal “XtraPlan Back office” Click here to Login to your personal “XtraPlan Back Office”

6 Login – XtraPlan Back Office Enter the Username & Password you created on the registration form for your “Membership”

7 Member Virtual Back Office Your Back Office is your Administration Tool. You will use this to modify details on your account, set up your investment account, manage your eWallet and access your “MALL” Click on your MALL and get acquainted with its features and start shopping. You will receive information concerning the eWallet and your options with the investment account in future communications. There is nothing for you to set up- the system is 100% automated.

8 Your Mall.. Logged In With Full Access

9 Easy as 1, 2, 3. ! Save Your Favorites and Enjoy

10 Your XP Contributions View the XtraPlan Merchants & the XP Contributions as you shop!

11 How It Works Frequently Asked Questions :

12 Questions About XP Contributions Questions and Answers : How to Manage Your Account, Purchase History, XP Contributions, Where to go for Help and more.

13 Mall Specials & More Your Mall: Hot Specials, Benefits, How to Experience Your Mall!

14 Getting Started After you have completed the registration, you are now ready to shop online, by logging into your personal mall, using your email address and pass code that you have just created.. Feel comfortable in your own Internet Mall, simply by browsing through it and getting acquainted. You will find that the information provided is self-explanatory and will answer all your potential questions in the FAQ section. And, last but not least.. the support section for ticket support found on the section of the bottom of the page when you are logged in. Thank you for being a XtraPlan Member and we are glad that you have joined us and “Helping Others too”. Be sure to share with your friends and family. Tell them to go to your Mall and see why you became a member.

15 Contribution Money Flow XtraPlan will collect the $25 one time admin Fee of which the Affiliate receives $10.00 The Affiliate will also receive 10% of all their member contributions in the future. The Affiliate program cost $295.00 Activation and $40.00 a month to maintain.

16 Affiliate Recurring Income


18 XtraPlan “Free Membership” Registration Three Opportunities 1. Employee Benefit Program 2. Affiliate program for “your” Customers 3. Becoming an XtraPlan Merchant to market to the XtraPlan Member base

19 Contact: For more information: D Kim Hackett 954.609.1311

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