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Photographer Quinn Neely By: Emily Roth 6 th period.

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1 Photographer Quinn Neely By: Emily Roth 6 th period

2 Born in Nelson, New Zealand, May 30th, 1986. He attended Corban College here in Salem. Quinn has a studio inside his garage where he takes some of his portraits. Some of his other works were taken in Africa on a Mission trip. He shares his work on his Facebook Page. Quinn has taken pictures for Weddings, Senior Portraits, Mission trips in Africa and Egypt. He also enjoys editing pictures using Photoshop. His style is very diverse, and ranges from many different styles. He just started getting into photography, and does it for fun, but maybe someday it will become his profession. The photographers that influenced Quinn are; John Kaplan, and Natty Dread. He said “I get my inspiration from the day to day differences between our culture and others throughout the world. Also, the innate joy a camera can capture on the faces of children in impoverished nations who, by our standards, have nothing”

3 Zombie Man- Picture of Quinn himself, 2009

4 This photograph was taken on photo booth and edited with Photoshop. The lighting is artificial, and is coming straight on the photo not specifically from a side. The main focus in the picture is the man. There is nothing going on in the background and all of your focus is directed towards Quinn. What makes the picture so striking is effects of Photoshop to create this life-like image. The clarity of the picture is also very sharp and you can see the texture in his face. There isn't much of a story behind this picture, just a photo edited for fun in Photoshop. I selected this photo because I thought it showed interesting features and ways to edit photos with Photoshop and how you can change a photo so easily with the program. PHOTOGRAPH 1- Zombie Man

5 Like Father Like Son- Shot in Quinn Neely’s Studio, 2010.

6 PHOTOGRAPH 2- Like Father Like Son The lighting in this photo is artificial because it was taken in a studio. Lights were probably placed on the figures to help with the effect of the photo. The main subject in the photo is the father and son dancing, like the previous photo there are no distractions in the background so all your attention is on the dancers. The photographer used rule of thirds and also the contrast of the background and main focus to make this picture so striking. Another feature which attracts you to the photo is the move the dancer is doing and how he was caught in action. The photographer is trying communicate how strong a bond is between the father and son, and how he is acting as a role model with the little boy following his lead. I selected this photo because it shows one of the different styles of the photographer, and how he balanced the photo with contrasting colors to make the image “pop”.

7 Happiness- Taken on a Mission Trip to Africa; 2010.

8 PHOTOGRAPH 3- Happiness This next photo was taken on a mission trip to Africa. It shows a young boy in focus with a girl in the background, both with smiling faces. The lighting is natural and is coming from the left side, there are shadows The main subject in the photo is the young boy. The boy stands out the most because he is in focus and is the largest subject in the photo. The photographer used rule of thirds setting the main character of the boy off into the right side of the photo. Also instead of using color in the photo, the photographer used a black and white setting which adds a different effect to the photo. The photographer is trying to communicate that even though it looks like this little boy has so little he still ahs the biggest smile on his face and you can buy happiness. In selected this photo because I really like the black and white and I enjoy the kids in the picture and just how happy they are.

9 School Children Dancing- Taken in Africa on the Mission Trip; 2010.

10 PHOTOGRAPH 4- School Children Dancing This next photo was also taken in Africa. It was taken at a school and shows the children outside dancing enjoying themselves. The lighting in this photo is also natural being because it was taken outside. The light is coming in from the left and almost from the sky shining down on the kids. The main subject in the photo is the first child in the white dancing. All focus goes to her first. Rule of thirds is incorporated into this photo, it helps with the composition to make the image so striking. The sharpness and clarity of this photo and how the background is blurred also help make the children the main attraction. The contrasting, bright colors add to the composition as well. There may be a story behind this photo but I am not quite sure what it is. I chose this photo because it shows all of these children dancing together in sync, and also the colors in this photo attract your attention the girl in front with the white shirt. The photo is also very balanced with kids on both sides doing the same moves.

11 “Natalie”-Senior Portrait; 2010.

12 PHOTOGRAPH 5- Natalie This next photo was taken of my sister Natalie, for her senior pictures. The lighting in this photo is natural and is coming from behind the image in the sunset. The main subject in this photo is the girl posing. She stand out because of the contrast between her and the background. What compositions make the photo so striking is the Rule of Thirds, her face is aligned in the top left corner. Leading Lines with the grass, and also the Horizon line, all make this photo striking. The is no story behind the photo, just a girl and getting her senior pictures done. The setting of the photo has no significance just taken in the country. I chose this photo because, it is my sister, and also I just wanted to show one of the many styles Quinn Photographs.

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