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Revitalization of rural areas on the Basis of Bio energy Dr. Georg Wagener-Lohse, CEBra Cottbus promising.

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1 Revitalization of rural areas on the Basis of Bio energy Dr. Georg Wagener-Lohse, CEBra Cottbus promising

2 The German Capital region 2.6 Mio. inhabitants 30,000 km² (1/3 forests) Large natural resources 14 Landkreise (counties), 4 major cities (<130,000 inhabitants) 936 municipalities Strong in aviation, biotech- nology, chemistry, energy and wood processing Nearly 20% unemployment rate Power exporter for East Germany near by

3 A Forest Map of Brandenburg plenty Share of forest area 0 – 10% 10 – 30% 30 – 50% 50 – 70% > 70%

4 Spatial development 1991 – 2002 Intensive Segregation 37,5% ( Inh., km²) inner circle EW (217 EW/km²) 62,5% ( EW, km²) outer development space EW (64,5 EW/km²) Tha aa (78%Acker, 22%Greel. 151 Tha out of prod., 39,3 RenSou) enterprises, employees notice

5 Percentage of employees in agriculture and forestry 2002 Population density 2002 very thin 18% Cap/km² 120

6 Hardenbeck Stolpe Lunow Bralitz Fürstenberg Milmersdorf Heidelberg Großwudicke Nahmitz (gepl.) Fürstenwalde Baruth Jamlitz Dahme Sellesen Grieben Groß Schönebeck Sawmills in Brandenburg under pressure Processing some 1.5 Mio m³ per year

7 HOLZNET an Initiative for Integration 20 companies from forestry to house building have joined forces for optimization of processes and development of new products promising managed by CEBra

8 Job creation and economic development in rural areas A contribution to local energy supply and CO 2 reduction Forest management local benefits

9 Campus Polytechnic Eberswalde Heat demand 2,830 MWh Installed capacity 1,700 kW Length of network 2,500 m Annual chip demand 4,275 m³ Fuel storage 270 loose m³ Investment 1.1 Mio. (incl. net) Heat costs /MWh for example…

10 MVV Power plant Königs Wusterhausen Capacity 20 MW el Annual production 160 Mio. kWh Electrical efficiency 35% Wood chip demand 120,000 odt/y Jobs created 60 Investment 55 Mio. for example…

11 Wood energy in Brandenburg - today and tomorrow 8 big plants >1 MW: 647 MW th, 133 MW el 800 minor wood furnaces: 100 MW Market volume 21.4 Mio. for 2.7 Mio. loose m³ (1.07 Mio. sm) Perspective 2010: 23 Mio. for 2.9 Mio. lm³ (1.15 Mio. sm) 5 % target: 5.8 Mio. lm³ high score

12 Wood Fuel Potential strong dependence from timber market Raw wood approximately 3.3 Mio. sm³/y till 2020 Growing sales to 2.6 Mio. sm³/y possible Energy wood potential 1.4 Mio. sm³(3,100 GWh) Scrap wood potential 400,000 t adry (2,100 GWh) Full potential 5,200 GWh still growing

13 Typical Costs Wood Energy* Furnace at 409 /kW and 2,000 h21 /MWh Fuel costs at 7.20 /lm³ (20 %)10 /MWh Maintenance costs (2-3 %) 5 /MWh Ash disposal 2.5 /MWh Fuel storage for 4 days 1 /MWh 3,000 full usage hours lower costs by 26 % * without building competitive

14 Example: Single family house Fuel costsTotal costsEnergy price Liquid gas 1,221 /a2,944 /a 43 Ct/l Electric2,130 /a3,033 /a 11 Ct/kWh Fuel Oil 1,000 /a2,750 /a 51 /100l Nat. gas 1,015 /a2,509 /a 4.5 Ct/kWh Log wood 529 /a2,168 /a 45 /Rm Wood Pellets 722 /a2,685 /a 170 /t 130 m² living space, 150 kWh/m², MWh/a competitive

15 Analysis Energy Wood Dr. Falk Bruhne Young stands first thinnings Cutting, Forwarding, Chipping, Storing, Transport /lm³ adapted

16 25,000 t Biomasse-HKW (in Betrieb/in Planung) 96,000 t 100,000 t 130,000 t ca. 5 MW 116 Biomasse- HW>100 kW x Wood heating plants in industrial enterprises (wood processing, school) Chip costs: 8 – 14 /lm³

17 promising Economic area Schraden 17 plants documented 15 – 355 kW heat load 1,170 kW all together 2,150 MWh energy use 900 – 2,500 h full usage 33 – 57 /MWh prices (incl.VAT) 118,000 total energy costs 44,000 could be reduced 36,500 additional added value

18 fully controlled Modern wood chip fired furnaces offer plenty of variants to put in place

19 convenient Wood heat for Ct/kWh

20 robust Log wood furnaces The cheap alternative Half fuel costs at similar capital costs compared to light fuel oil furnaces

21 nor mere white! neither just black… CEBra sustainable

22 Based on the competences of the Brandenburg Technical University in Cottbus R&D services have been concen- trated in a central scientific institution and will be better promoted (CEBra BTU). A strong link to other universities in the field of energy has been formed. Former co-workers of the energy agency of Branden- burg add the competence of collaboration with market actors. Public and private stakeholders have formed an association of public utility (CEBra e.V.) to support SMEs in the field of energy technology. The association (e.V.) has founded a limited company to offer services and project management (CEBra GmbH). CEBra – Centre for Energy Technology Brandenburg well based

23 Three interconnected structures are the basis for high performance of the Centre Research and Development Resources Production Transmission Use Service and Transfer for R&D-Projects With R&D- Infrastructure Market deploym. Energymanage- ment Support and connect Networks Lobby work Information Fora BTU §75 BbgHGGmbH e.V. well related

24 Competence in Intelligent Energy Energy management for public authorities Market deployment of biomass potentials Strengthening SMEs with competences in the field of energy technology development Concepts and realization for intelligent (IQ e ) buildings and innovations in the building sector Adaptation of grid connected power and heat supply to integrate renewable energy sources and support the transformation process Development and deployment of innovative devices for grids and power Stations Development of highly efficient combustion and gasification technologies Development and deployment of power profiles know how

25 Production of biologic energy resources in tree lines Production of nutrients, food or renewable resources on agricultural areas Recultivation of former mining areas Improvement of Biodiversity Four times higher yield Alley Cropping

26 Advantages for coarse materials of poor quality Integrated emission reduction Staged combustion Simple combustion chamber experienced 500 kW Test unit at the Centre for Energy technology Brandenburg

27 services manifold consulting, advice sales acquisition EU- projects operating plants PR technology- transfer project- managemt. energy- managemt.

28 Professional analysis of wood fuel market potential. Develop common marketing together with companies. Offer advice, PR, exhibitions, training. Include the Info-Center Oberhavel as a catalyst Use the Wald-Solar-Heim Eberswalde as a basis. Integrate Internet based energy wood platform. Facilitate foundation of wood power plant Eberswalde. Realize project Biomassehof of BARUM 111. Build up the BDC in the framework of Interreg IIIb-Bio- energy Technology Transfer Project. rich perspectives Development of the Brandenburg Centre for Wood Energy in Eberswalde (divison of CEBra)

29 Dissemination of national and int. developments. Pro-active definition of projects with entrepreneurs. Co-operative projects with leading enterprises. Developing a quality standard for projects. Support for market deployment. Services for networks and partnerships. Mediation of young professionals to enterprises. Initiatives for European Partnerships. PR for energy technology developments. serving enterprises Offering a transfer and innovation point for energy technology for the ministry of economy

30 Marketing Harvesting Know-how Landscape design Logistics Conversion PR Growing Know-how complex Areas of competence in Bio-energy in search of excellence

31 thank you ! Hope to get in touch for Technology transfer and promotion Centre for Energy Technology Brandenburg GmbH Friedlieb-Runge-Straße 3, Cottbus Economist Silke Goerlich, Cottbus, Dipl. Ing. Susanne Gadacz, Cottbus, Dipl. Ing. Klaus schwarz, Cottbus, Dipl.Ing Rolf Santruschek, Cottbus, Dipl. Pol. Dieter Sasse, Eberswalde, Dipl. Ing. Wolfram Köhler, Pritzwalk, – Dr. Georg Wagener-Lohse, Cottbus, ,

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