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1 Biomes

2 Biomes A _______ is a large group of ecosystems that share the same kind of climax community. There are 2 Types of Biomes: 1. 2. biome Terrestrial Aquatic

3 Terrestrial Biomes Terrestrial biomes are biomes located on _____.
All Terrestrial Biomes are based upon the various types of Climate Patterns. There are 6 Types of Terrestrial Biomes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. land Tundra Taiga Desert Grassland Deciduous Forest Tropical Rainforest

4 Aquatic Biomes Aquatic Biomes are those biomes located in bodies of ______. All Aquatic Biomes are based upon the salinity (saltiness) of the water. Also, the aquatic biomes takes up the most space on Earth. There are 3 Kinds of Aquatic Biomes: 1. 2. 3. water Marine: High Salinity Level (Saltwater) Estuary: Moderated Salinity Level (Mildly Salty) Freshwater: Little to No Salinity Levels at all

5 Tundra Tundra environments have extremely _____ weather.
The greatest precipitation is _____. Most animals respond to this environment by growing thick fur and the plants remain small (dwarf). The soil is __________, which is a layer of permanently frozen ground. cold snow permafrost

6 Taiga Taiga environments consist of long severe _______ & short, dry ________. Most animals adapt by _________ when it is cold, coming back when it is warm. There are many adaptable trees such as evergreen trees. winters summers migrating

7 Desert Desert environments are ____ & ____.
Animals adapt to this environment by constantly conserving (saving) ______ when it is needed for them most. Animals are usually nocturnal. Nocturnal animals are those that sleep during the ____, and come out at _____ when it is much cooler. hot dry water day night

8 Grassland Grasslands environments experience a ____ & ____ season.
Many animals in this are _______ animals. ________ animals are those that feed upon plants, grass, etc. The soil in this area is _____. wet dry grazing Grazing rich

9 Deciduous Forest Deciduous Forest environments have an abundant level of _________. They also have 4 distinct ______. Trees usually lose their leaves in the ______. This is also the Biome where WE LIVE! precipitation seasons winter

10 Tropical Rainforest Tropical Rain Forest environment is the _______ & _______ of all biomes. It is found in areas near the ________. Most life severely depends upon the _______ available. The forest area is characterized by _______. warmest wettest equator sunlight layers

11 Tundra

12 Taiga

13 Desert

14 Grassland

15 Deciduous Forest

16 Tropical Rain Forest

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