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Mold Texturing Trevor Thorwart Andrew Meier Josh Hoover.

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1 Mold Texturing Trevor Thorwart Andrew Meier Josh Hoover

2 Introduction Mold Texturing –Flexibility –Pleasing Look –Aesthetic feel

3 Types of Mold Texturing Mechanical –Computer Numerical Control (CNC) –Abrasive Blasting Electrical –Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Chemical Engraving

4 CNC Engraved Areas of use –Logos and Patterns

5 CNC Engraved Basic Milling Operation Work-piece clamped down Tool path computer generated Drill follows and cuts path

6 Abrasive Blasting Method Abrasive particles etch tool –Commonly sand –High Velocity Matte, decorative, and textured finish

7 Abrasive Blasting Advantages –Cheap –Quick Disadvantages –Good for matte surface textures –Inconsistent surface finish

8 Abrasive Blasting

9 Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Created using electrodes –Shaped tool or wire graphite Plasma Etched in CNC pattern

10 EDM Procedure Placed in dielectric fluid Discharge created Plasma erodes surface –Follows CNC path Dielectric fluid washes debris away

11 EDM Advantages –Complex and simple surfaces –Dimensional Accuracy (+/-.0005 in) –High Range of Materials Soft and Hard Mold Steels –Can be fully automated

12 EDM Disadvantages –Low production volume Slow cutting –EDM scale Must be post-polished –Blind holes Difficult Debris Removal

13 EDM

14 Chemical Engraving Patterning Process using a acid bath

15 Chemical Engraving Procedure Stencil Mold Masked Acid Bath Tooling Dissolves Chemically Textured Surface Details Masked

16 Chemical Engraving Advantages –Dimensional –Cost –Tooling Disadvantages –Surface Types –Secondary cleaning operation –Masking

17 Mold Texturing Areas of Use Injection Molding Blow Molding Compression Molding Thermoforming Rotational Molding

18 Other Issues Guidelines –Mold Preparation Costs –Surface –Tooling –Mold material Mold Repair

19 Conclusion

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