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2 1) In the Command Line type z/[your subject] NOTE: You can choose Search - Subject from the menu, but in that case subject in the dialogue box must be written in Polish

3 e.g. here 2) Choose subject from the list and click twice NOTE 2: You can now choose a more detailed subject NOTE 1: Numbers next to subject show number of items

4 3) Find desired title on the title list NOTE: Go to the next/previous screen using blue arrows

5 4) Choose desired title and click twice e.g. here

6 Always pay attention to the columns LOCATION and STATUS look here and here

7 LOCATION BUW Wolny Dostęp - book is located in open stacks BUW Magazyn - book is in closed stacks Księg. Dydaktyczny - book is in the Textbook Collection BUW BUW WD [name] - book is in a separate collection in BUW Wydz./Inst. [name] UW - book is held in a departmental library

8 STATUS Available - can be borrowed Non-circ. - can be used only in library Due [date] - item checked out; you can reserve it or check its status after return date On hold - being held for another patron; currently unavailable W oprawie - unavailable W opracowaniu - unavailable ******** - status in particular collection must be checked

9 5) To find a book placed in open stacks, click Card Scrn. button here NOTE: If locations are different from BUW Wolny Dostęp, use call number shown on this screen

10 6) In the field CLAS NUMBER you can find the Library of Congress call number. This shows where the book is located in the open stacks NOTE: First letters of the call number show the subject area; numbers represent subdivisions of subject

11 QH366.2 D37165 1997 7) With the call number go to the proper subject area and subdivision. You can find your subject area on the map located on each level and the subdivision on subject area map NOTE: You can also save search results on diskette, send them by e-mail, or print them

12 Final remarks NOTE 2: Not all books and serials have records in the on-line catalogue. To find them, you should also search the card catalogues NOTE 3: There are no call numbers (Library of Congress Classification) in card catalogues. Therefore you should always start searching from the on-line catalogue NOTE 1: You do not need a requisition form to borrow a book from open stacks. If you can borrow the book go directly to the Circulation Desk

13 We wish you successful searching! By: M. Kaczarowska A. Delfausse ESC Return to index Please ask a reference librarian for help if you need it

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