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The CCOT Essay Writing Tips

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1 The CCOT Essay Writing Tips
Continuity and Change Over Time

2 CCOT EXAM Prompt Analyze the cultural and political changes and continuities in ONE of the following civilizations in the last centuries of the classical era. INDIA 300CE to 600 CE CHINA 100CE to 600 CE ROME 100CE to 600 CE

3 READ, Plan, & Answer the Question
Identify at least 1 change & 1 continuity accurately Establish a baseline before describing the changes that occur Can be a year when a big event caused chg When planning… consider that change often happens in steps

4 Create a working timeline
Base line year Crisis of 3rd century *invasions, civil strife, depression, plague * 284 CE – division of empire * 312 CE – Christianity legal * 330 CE - Constantinople 100 CE Pax Romana Cultural highpoint 600 CE Christian Political fragmentation

5 Thesis Intro with thesis stating time period and location (must state both) Thesis should have 3 main ideas related to change & continuity

6 Thesis – 2 examples 2006 EXAM: Analyze the cultural and political changes and continuities in ONE of the following civilizations in the last centuries of the classical era. India 300CE to 600 CE China 100CE to 600 CE Rome 100CE to 600 CE

7 2006 Thesis – example 1 In the classical era between 100 CE and 600 CE, the Roman civilization experienced many political and cultural changes and continuities. The Roman government went from a republic to Empire dominance that crumbled in But cultural aspects of the Roman Empire remained the same. Penn State

8 Thesis example 2 Between 100 CE and 600 CE, the Roman empire underwent a change in government as the empire collapsed due to corruption within. Also, the influence of Christianity increased greatly. However, the “Eastern Roman Empire”, the Byzantines, kept the culture going.

9 CHANGE 1 or 2 paragraphs Change #1 – simple sentence that definitely mentions change & shows change with supporting details Analysis must have the because statement & global context Change #2 same as above…

10 CONTINUITY 1 or 2 Paragraph(s)
Continuity paragraphs are set up just like Change paragraphs 1 analysis } for 1 global context } each

11 Required Element: Support
Give multiple, specific examples to support thesis claims (requires that you know history) Don’t be afraid to note exceptions to a trend Have goal of 3 supporting details per body ¶ Good historical writing & paragraph structure call for statements of analysis CCOT is about process – NOT "snap shots" of how things were at the beginning and end of the time period without connections

12 Rule of 3 Penn State’s advice
3 controlling ideas in thesis 3 body paragraphs 3 supporting details per paragraph 3 examples of global context – 1 per paragraph 3 causes of change or continuity – 1 per paragraph

13 Conclusion You must have it It must restate the thesis

14 Finally This is a 4, 5 or 6 paragraph paper
Global context in every paragraph RUBRIC: thesis; address pp for chg, and for cont; evidence = facts; global context and analyses must be present in body paragraphs Do not use words like… “change and continuities or similarities and differences” at all!!!

15 China Latin America Russia South Asia EXAMPLE
Choose ONE of the following regions and discuss the changes and continuities of gender roles from 1914 to the present. {Discuss both change and continuity} China Latin America Russia South Asia

16 Assignment: List details/examples for each
1 What is the appropriate historical evidence in the essay? 2 What examples of world historical context show change over time? 3 How are the processes of both change over time and continuity addressed?

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