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October 1, 2015 Through October 13, 2015. No. This event is exclusively for a specially selected group of FMG member retailers. Dinner and a Movie flyer.

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1 October 1, 2015 Through October 13, 2015

2 No. This event is exclusively for a specially selected group of FMG member retailers. Dinner and a Movie flyer.

3 Consumers qualify to receive $100 in gift cards—a $40 Fandango card, and a $60 card from the consumer’s choice of restaurants-- by making a purchase of $750 or more of any combination of the following Serta branded products:  i Comfort, i Series, Bellagio i Series, Trump i Series and Perfect Sleeper mattresses and foundations  i Comfort Directions and i Series Profiles motion adjustable bed bases  Serta brand pillows, sheets or mattress protectors Note: Limit one gift card set per household.

4 Here are the steps(continued): 1. Customer makes purchase. Store provides Customer a flyer explaining how to go about getting their gift card. (see flyer, page 2). Stores have been sent flyers to be given customers at time of sale. If, for any reason, flyers are not available, it is possible to go to the Current News page at to download and print a copy of the flyer which can be given to the customer. (No password is required to access this page.) 2. After the sale has been processed, the customer shall be given a postcard (right) explaining the process by which the customer will get the $40 Fandango gift card and their choice of $60 major restaurant gift card.

5 Here are the steps(continued): 3. Record of qualifying sale. At the conclusion of the event, each participating retailer must provide to FMG a listing of all Customers that have made a qualifying purchase during the event. This simple spreadsheet requires only a modest amount of information--name, address, phone, retailer, branch, date and items purchased. Go to to view and download the spreadsheet “Columbus Day Dinner and a Movie Dealer Worksheet” Only customers with a DELIVERY COMPLETION DATE indicated are eligible to receive a gift card. The last date to submit a voucher request is April 30, 2016. The sale must be completed and FMG must be notified prior to that date.

6 Here are the steps (continued): 4. Purchased items are delivered to the Customer. Store notifies FMG using the Dealer Worksheet Motion Madness spreadsheet (see prior page) that the Customer should be sent a voucher. FMG notifies Capitol Marketing that the voucher is to be released to the Customer. Note: Stores will not receive vouchers. Vouchers will be sent directly to consumers.

7 Here are the steps (continued): 5. Customer receives the voucher from Capitol Marketing. The voucher can be completed in writing and returned to Capitol Marketing by mail OR completed on-line by visiting and entering the voucher certificate number. Customer chooses the gift card they wish to receive when completing the voucher.

8 Here are the steps (continued): 6. Capitol Marketing provides a gift card by mail directly to the Customer. FMG and Retailer are notified by update on the Dinner and a Movie Dealer Worksheet spreadsheet that the gift card has been sent. There is no charge to the consumer or to FMG member retailers for the gift cards. FMG member retailers do not have to handle the gift cards. Stores are only required to provide the list of qualifying customers. Vouchers will be sent to the customer, the customer will choose the gift card they prefer and the gift card will be sent directly to the consumer.

9 Customers will receive a voucher for gift cards from Capitol Marketing/Meridian upon completion of the sale. The voucher is to be completed by the consumer either by mail or on-line. Customer will choose from among the offered gift cards at that time. Offer valid for purchases made between October 1, 2015 and October 13, 2015 only. Prior sales excluded. Only one gift card set may be selected per voucher. Limit one set of gift cards per household Upon receipt of the completed voucher, Capitol Marketing/Meridian will process the request and mail the gift card directly to the consumer in 2 to 4 weeks. Once issued a gift card can not be withdrawn. In the case of a return or cancellation where a gift card has been issued, the value of the gift card issued should be deducted from any refund by the retailer. Voucher certificates are completely transferable, but may not be resold under any circumstances. Voucher must submitted (post-marked or on-line) on or before April 30, 2016. All taxes are the responsibility of the person receiving the redemption.

10 Vinyl 24 x 62.5" banner will be available to stores for this event. The banners have grommets so that they can be used on X-stands, mounted to a wall, or hung from the ceiling. The banners are being provided to FMG member retailers at no charge. Vinyl Banner

11 The Columbus Day selling period is the perfect time to grab some extra Serta bedding sales. The Dinner and a Movie promotion is designed to help your store get those sales at little or no cost. Please consider that the $100 (combined) gift cards are being provided at no charge. And marketing support materials will be made available at little or no charge. If you have a question regarding this event, please go to the Current News page at the FMG website or contact Bonnie Wallace 336.885.0866 option 4 or Michael Herschel IV 336.885.0866 option 6

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