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Irony and "The Sniper".

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1 Irony and "The Sniper"

2 Definition Irony A special kind of contrast between appearance and reality – usually one in which reality is the opposite of what it seems.

3 Types of Irony: Situational Irony
A contrast between what a reader or character expects and what actually exists or happens.

4 David vs. Goliath Po vs. Tai Lung

5 Types of Irony Dramatic Irony
When the audience knows more than the characters, so that words and action have additional meaning for the audience    

6 The Trick YOU Know!

7 Types of Irony Verbal Irony
When something is said that is interpreted exactly opposite of its intent Often relies on ambiguity (meaning a word can be interpreted at least 2 different ways) Sarcasm falls under the category of verbal irony Verbal Irony

8 The Sniper By Liam O’Flaherty

9 Liam O’Flaherty The Sniper was first published in 1923.
Born in 1896 in Inishmore, Ireland Died in 1984 in Dublin, Ireland Suffered from mental illness which some speculate developed from his serving in WWI.

10 Ireland is a country located within the continent of Europe.

11 The Irish Civil War Many Irish were not happy with the British rule of their country. Britain proposed splitting Ireland. Most of the island became the Republic of Ireland.

12 Two Sides There were two sides involved in the fighting:
the IRA (Irish Republican Army – wanted independence from England) the Irish Free Staters (wanted Ireland to govern itself but still remain in the British Empire)

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