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The Writing Process Our Journey to Completing a Personal Narrative.

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1 The Writing Process Our Journey to Completing a Personal Narrative

2 What are the steps? Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing

3 What do you already know about each step?

4 This is your time to think. It is important to spend over 50% of your time prewriting! Why do you think you should spend so much time on this step? Prewriting helps you to collect your thoughts and ideas and organize them. Pr e wr i t i n g

5 What do I want to say? How do I want to say it? Who will read my writing? What else do I need to know to begin? Who can I talk to about my ideas? Questions to ask

6 Time to write it down! It is time to start constructing your piece. Review different examples of the type of writing you are creating. Try to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but it is not key. Just get it down! DraftingDrafting

7 Are my thoughts organized? Which ideas do I want to develop? In what order do I want to say them? Who can read this and offer suggestions? Questions to ask

8 Time to improve your writing. How can you make it better? This is the time to add details and dialogue. Make sure you are showing your reader what happened, not telling them. RevisingRevising

9 Have I read what I have written? Are my details clear? Should I add or take out parts? Have I used the best ideas and words? Is my writing in a sensible order? What suggestions have others made? Questions to ask

10 Time to make things correct. Now you can focus on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Use your resources to correct errors. Resources include your peers, your teacher, dictionaries, grammar books, etc. EditingEditing

11 Have I used complete sentences? Are my spelling, capitalization, and punctuation correct? Have I marked corrections that I need? Has someone checked my work? Do I have a correct and neat copy? Questions to ask

12 Time to share your writing! You have worked hard, and now you have a finished product! It is time to celebrate your effort and allow others to read your piece. What are some ways to publish work? PublishingPublishing

13 Should I illustrate and display it? Should I bind it in a book? Should I read it out loud? Is there a place to display it where others will be able to read and comment on my piece? Questions to ask

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