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Maybe you should learn to relax.

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1 Maybe you should learn to relax.

2 Section 1 Before You Read
What do you usually do after class? I do: I don’t do:

3 Section 1 Before You Read
Look up these words in a dictionary. football compare complain pushy pressure organized freedom 查字典是学习的好办法. 但是因为语境的原因,有时候给你 的意思是错误的.因此,最好是用学习字典,帮助你理解单词 在不同的语境下的意思.

4 Section 2 While You Read Life for Cathy Taylor’s three children
is very busy. Their school days are busy enough. After school, though, Cathy takes the two boys from football to basketball. Then she has to take her daughter to piano lessons. The tired children don’t get home until 7 pm. They have a quick supper, and it’s time for homework. 生活对于Cathy Taylor的三个孩子来说是 非常忙碌的. 这些疲倦的孩子们要到晚上7点才得到家.

5 Section 2 While You Read The Taylors are like many American
and British parents. They take their children from activity to activity, and try to fit as much as possible into their kids’ lives. Doctors say many children are under too much pressure. Teachers complain about teaching tired kids in the classroom. 他们把孩子从一个活动送到另一个活动. 竭尽全力把孩子的生活填满. 在繁重的压力下.

6 Section 2 While You Read Most children take part in after-school
clubs. Activities include sports, language learning, music, and math classes. Pushy parents are nothing new, but now parents seem to push their children a lot more. Parents see other children doing a lot of things, and they feel their own children should do the same. 固执的家长们没有新的变化, 但是更多的家长 把孩子们推向这些压力之下.

7 Section 2 While You Read Linda Miller, a mother of three in
London, knows all about such pressure. “In some families, competition starts from a very young age,” she says. “Mothers send their kids to all other children. It’s crazy. People shouldn’t push their kids so hard.” 人们不应该凶狠的把他们的孩子们推向 这种压力下.

8 Section 2 While You Read Dr Alice Green agrees. She also says
that these children may find it hard to think for themselves when they are older. “Parents are trying to plan their kids’ lives for them. When these kids are adults, they might find it difficult to plan things for themselves.” 这些孩子们就会发现当他们长大后要自己 思考问题是多么困难的事. 家长们总是尽力为他们的孩子们计划事情. 但是当孩子们成年后就回发现自己计划事情很 困难.

9 Section 2 While You Read Parents should learn to give their kids a bit
more time to themselves. On the one hand, children need organized activities. On the other hand, they also need time and freedom to relax, and they need time to do things by themselves.

10 Section 3 After You Read Is the situation the same in China?
American and British children do many after- school activities. Many children are under pressure. Parents these days push their children much harder than before. Competition between families starts at a young age. Children should have free time to relax.

11 Section 3 After You Read Questions: When do you feel under pressure?
Pressure is a serious problem in today’s world. What should we do to relax. Let’s discuss. Questions: When do you feel under pressure? What should you do to relax?

12 GoodBye!

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