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French and Indian War.

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1 French and Indian War

2 Causes Great Britain and France were rivals for empire in North America. Settlers from both nations had designs on settling the rich lands west of the Appalachian Mountains, often called the Ohio River Valley. As a result, both nations made claims on this territory and a race began to see who would control it.

3 Causes In 1754 the French built Fort Duquesne at the point where the Ohio River forms (modern day Pittsburgh). The governor of Virginia (who claimed this territory) dispatched a militia under the command of a young officer named George Washington to remove the French. After a series of battles near Washington’s hastily built Fort Necessity, Washington was forced to surrender.

4 Conduct Ben Franklin draws the cartoon above to encourage all of the colonies to unite and support the British in the French and Indian War.

5 Conduct The French had developed strong trade and military alliances with several Indian tribes in North America (Huron, Ottawa etc) Early on the French and their Indian allies defeated the British and their colonial allies in battle after battle. King George II selects William Pitt to take the lead in the war effort. Pitt’s leadership leads to British victories and an alliance with the powerful Iroquois Confederation. The key battle was near Quebec. This British victory basically won them the war.

6 Conduct

7 Consequences War officially ends with Treaty of Paris of 1763.
France loses claims to Ohio River Valley to Great Britain and the balance of power in North America shifts to the British and their colonies. France loses the Louisiana Territory and the city of New Orleans to Spain.

8 Consequences

9 Consequences As American settlers move into the Ohio River Valley (west of the Appalachian Mountains) they are attacked by Indians. The British want to avoid having to fight in this wilderness area and issue the Proclamation of 1763 which banned all settlement west of the Appalachians. The high debt incurred by the British in fighting the war leads to high taxes being imposed on the colonies.

10 Consequences

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