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Qin and Han Dynasties.

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1 Qin and Han Dynasties

2 Mandate of Heaven Mandate of Heaven – belief that rulers were in charge because the gods had given them the right to rule It was not permanent! What could cause someone to lose Mandate of Heaven?

3 Dynastic Cycle Rulers in charge because gods favored them
If rulers abused power or ignored their people, they lose Mandate of Heaven New rulers would overthrow them

4 Period of Warring States
From 475 to 221 BC, no stable government in China Warlords fought each other for control Very bloody and chaotic What could bring an end to this violence? 475 – 221 BC

5 Qin Dynasty Period of Warring States ends because of strong leader – Shi Huangdi Shi Huangdi conquered all of the warring states, made into one united empire Forced nobles to live in capital so he could keep an eye on them 221 – 206 BC

6 Legalism – Shi Huangdi Philosophy of Qin Dynasty was Legalism
Legalism – incredibly strict philosophy that keeps order through strict laws and stricter punishments “The nature of man is evil. His goodness is acquired.” “The ruler alone possesses power, wielding it like lightning or thunder.” Goal of Legalism was to “strengthen the tree and weaken the branches” – what does this mean?

7 Accomplishments Great Wall of China – Shi Huangdi ordered a massive wall built to keep out invaders Most of the workers on it were being punished for crimes. Working on the Great Wall was basically a death sentence Terra Cotta Army – to protect his tomb, Shi Huangdi ordered 8,000 statue soldiers to be built. He believed he was taking them into the afterlife with him.

8 Han Dynasty People angry with harsh treatment of Qin Dynasty, revolted in 206 BC Han Dynasty takes over Ruled their empire using Confucianism Civil service exams – tests people had to take before they were given government jobs Han Dynasty built roads and canals to unite their empire Expanded their territory – known as expansionism Lasts for 400 years – collapses for similar reasons as the Roman Empire Heavy taxes Over-expansion – couldn’t maintain or protect lands Lousy rulers 206 BC – 220 AD

9 Confucianism Main philosophy of Han Dynasty
Confucianism founded by Confucius A teacher who believed that when people understood their place in society, harmony was achieved Filial Piety – respect for elders (#1 priority of Confucianism) Encouraged education, especially for rulers

10 Daoism/Taoism Another Chinese philosophy
Believed people were naturally good, and rules and order are what mess them up Government shouldn’t try to control people, but let them do their own thing

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