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11-12-12 Happy Veterans Day!!! Biology 1.Complete Bell Ringer 18 2.Listen as I read the example story. Complete cycles written assignment. ( paste in your.

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1 11-12-12 Happy Veterans Day!!! Biology 1.Complete Bell Ringer 18 2.Listen as I read the example story. Complete cycles written assignment. ( paste in your journal THEN write out your OWN stories). Be sure to give your two examples and please look at the note that this will be added to your test on Friday. 3.Complete Part One of the Microscope Lab Reminders: Cell Model due tomorrow, quiz Wednesday over enzymes and microscope, test Friday over cell organelles and 5 questions over biological cycles. Advisory 1.Using the Bio EOC Books, complete pg. 70 over conversions and page 75-76 chapter review. Chemistry 1.Bell Ringer 17- Lewis Dot Structures 2.Complete the chemical reactions worksheet. Take notes over the different types of reactions. ( you will need this for your test and for this weeks lab!) 3.You may start working on your extra credit using the chemistry books. Reminder: Quiz tomorrow and test Thursday.

2 11-13-12 Biology Turn in cell models** 1.Cell Debate: In your journal, write a persuasive paragraph over which cell type is best. 2.Finish Part One of Microscope Lab 3.Complete part two of lab, then only #20 and 21 of part three. 4.Clean up Study, quiz tomorrow, test Friday Advisory: Anti- Bullying week “ Respect for teachers day” Chemistry 1.Quiz : Electron Configuration and Lewis Dot Structures 2.Observing compounds ( lab)

3 11-14-12 Biology 1.Quiz : Enzymes and Microscopes 2.Journal Notes: Paste the picture of the Bacteria cell in your journal. Label Bacteria/ Prokaryote. Go back and label your plant and animal cell as Eukaryotes. Next, cut and paste the cell function chart in your journal. Use this and the cell web quest to study. 3.Complete Lesson 2 and 3 over Cells and Cell Structure. Reminder: Test Friday: Organelles and Cycles of Nature Advisory 1.Anti- Bullying week continued. Chemistry 1.Chemical Reactions Bell Ringer 2.Lab: Observing Compounds

4 11-15-12 Thurs. Biology 1.Complete Bell Ringer 20- ( 1-6 on the paper, 7 and 8 projected) 2.Finish Part 3 of lab. ( for other observations use the cotton ball ( a very small piece), table salt ( you will not make a wet mount, just place a sprinkle on the slide and then observe), and a piece of string from your clothing. 3.Complete Analysis and Conclusion questions ( turn in today!) Reminder: TEST tomorrow!! Advisory 1.Continue watching anti-bullying film Chemistry: 1.Test ( omit 36) 2.Finish and turn in Lab report ( complete observations and conclusion questions)

5 Bell ringer 20 continued 7. Nutrients move through the ecosystem in: a.Biogeochemical cycles b.Water cycles c.Energy pyramids d.Ecological pyramids 8. During which process do producers use carbon dioxide? a.Decomposition b.Respiration c.Recycling d.Photosynthesis

6 11-16-12 T. G.I.Friday Have a restful break!!! Biology 1.Test: Cell Organelles and Nitrogen/Carbon Cycles 2.While the short film plays, make sure journal is in order ( cell debate, cycle stories, investigating prokaryote and eukaryote. 3.Leave journals for grading. Turn in Cell Packet and Microscope Lab if you haven’t Advisory: Finish Anti-Bullying week Chemistry 1.Finish Lab

7 11-26-12 Biology 2 nd and 4 th period: Turn in Science Fair Projects ( test grade) 1.Bell Ringer 20: Cell Organelles ( review ) 2.Copy down what endosymbiosis is. ( I will explain) and you will watch a short youtube clip 3.Complete Endosymbiosis Web quest. Homework: Search and define: Homeostasis, osmosis, and feedback loop Endosymbiosis ( The Endo- symbiotic Theory) pg. 427 of your biology book) This theory states that eukaryotic organisms ( plant, animals, fungi) formed from a symbiosis ( ) among several different prokaryotic ( bacteria) organisms. Since the first known organisms to arrive on Earth were considered bacteria like, it is said that all other organisms must have evolved from single celled organisms, or prokaryotes.

8 Advisory 1.Pair up at the computers. 2.Log on to the computer. 3.Go to Google. 4.Research the one of the four different types of tissues. 5.Now, research one disease that effects that particular type of tissue. Write a summary report over it Epithelial Connective Nervous Muscular

9 11-26-12 Chemistry 1. Chemical Reactions Practice ( I do the 1 st 10, you do 11-20 on your own). 2. Complete web-quest. Follow this link: mcooper/reactions.htm Then complete the web-quest on the back of the chemical reactions practice sheet.

10 11-27-12 Biology 1.Quick Write: What is the difference between animal and plant cells? Explain in detail. ** I will check homework as you complete this** 1.Notes: Discuss Homework 2.Cell Membrane Tutorial Sheet ( in journals) Homeostasis Feedback Loop Osmosis

11 11-28-12- Biology 1.Using your book, add to your notes the definitions of: a.Diffusion b.Equilibrium c.Isotonic ( draw a pic) d.Hypertonic ( draw a pic) e.Hypotonic ( draw a pic) f.Facilitated diffusion g.Active Transportation h.Endocytosis i.Exocytosis j.Pinocytosis k.Phagocytosis I will summarize them on the front board, however, you STILL need to understand the full scientific definition. 2. Complete Cell Membrane Tutorial Tomorrow:Osmosis Lab Check Website For Extra Credit Assignment 1. Homework: Study Vocabulary

12 11-28-12 continued….. Advisory Complete the activity on page 95 over Endosymbiosis. Next, complete B and C on page 97 Chemistry Complete the naming compounds worksheet. Complete the forming compounds worksheet

13 11-29-12 Biology Daily Agenda 1.Bell Ringer 21: Copy the questions THEN answer in complete sentences 2. Cell Transportation Short Clip: 2hdaAH0 2hdaAH0 Cell Membrane: kCbKjBs Quick Write 2 ( in journals) : How does materials get in and out of the cell? 3. S et up Osmosis Lab 4. Clean Up/ Leave Journals For Grading Test: Next Wednesday: 12-5-12 Study the functions of the cell organelles and also study your cell transportation ( notes from Tuesday and Wednesday of this week) Reminder: Extra Credit Assignment 1 is on the website under announcements. Bell Ringer 21 1.A cell is placed in an hypertonic solution. Describe what would happen to the cell? 2.Describe the functions of the cell membrane and the cell wall. 3.What happens during diffusion. 4.What is the basic structure of the cell membrane 5.What is the difference between phagocytosis and pinocytosis? 6.What is the process(es) called when materials exit and enter the cell?

14 11-29-12 Continued Advisory Complete the activities on page 240 and 241. Chemistry: 1.Complete Bell Ringer 1 2.Complete Yesterdays assignment 3.Extra Credit: Create 10 Bohr models of 10elements of your choice ( look at the back board. YOU MAY NOT USE THIS EXAMPLE EITHER!) Test: Next Tuesday 12-4-12

15 11-30-12 Biology 1.Tebow Commerical** 2.Bell Ringer 22: On your desks, do NOT write on it! 3.Finish and turn in Lab 1: Observing Osmosis Reminders: Extra Credit due Monday. Test: Wednesday 12-5-12 Cell Organelles and Cellular Transportation

16 11-30-12 Advisory Complete page 240-241, then review. Chemistry LAB DAY!!!!!

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