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NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5 Life & Living Structures.

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2 NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5 Life & Living Structures


4 This is the process that an animal or plant moves through from the moment that it is created until the time that it dies NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5

5  You have already learnt that there are many different types of animals and plants on our planet  Their differences sometimes mean that they have different lifecycles – think about how the life of a frog or chicken starts and how a cat’s life begins? NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5

6 A plant life cycle begins when a seed germinates and then grows into a seedling NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5

7  Flowers and fruit plants have slightly different life cycles  Both involve flowers, but with a fruit the flower dies and as the seed grows into the fruit – so fruit trees have extra bits to their cycle

8  The flowers produce pollen and unfertilized seeds (these can't yet grow new plants)  Insects, birds or other animals carry the pollen from one flower to the next - this is called pollination  The pollen fertilizes the ovules in the flower  The fertilized ovules now develop into seeds  With fruit plants the seed first grows into a fruit  The seeds are then dispersed and start to grow in a new place NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5



11 Germination With water, light and the right temperature the plant sprouts roots and a stem and grows NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5

12 Growth The plants stem and leaves grow upwards towards the sunlight The leaves unfold and the roots grow down into the ground NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5

13 Pollination Insects attracted to the plant transport the pollen to other plants Sometimes birds transport the pollen or animals NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5

14 Fertilisation This is when the pollen and the ovule join together in the inside of a flower to make a seed and create life NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5

15 Seed Dispersal This is when seeds are spread by birds or other animals and the plant cycle starts all over again NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5


17  Flower cycle: plantlifecycle/ plantlifecycle/  Tomato Plant germination image: 2012_smaller.pdf 2012_smaller.pdf  YouTube video :   NATURAL SCIENCES GRADE 5


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