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Thanksgiving: An American Tradition

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1 Thanksgiving: An American Tradition
By Sarah and Viola

2 The Thanksgiving Story
In 1620 a group of 102 people (Pilgrims) left England to begin a new life in the New World. They sailed in a ship called the Mayflower across the Atlantic Ocean to America. They arrived at what is now known as Cape Cod, at the beginning of a very hard, cold winter.

3 The Long Winter Many Pilgrims died the first winter in Massachusetts because there was very little food, there was lots of snow and ice and it was very, very cold. Only half of the original 102 Pilgrims survived the winter. In the spring, the Pilgrims met some of the Native Americans who lived in the area, the Wampanoag Tribe. They became friends.

4 New Friends Two Indians, named Squanto and Samoset, spoke English. They taught the Pilgrims all about living in Massachusetts. They taught them how to plant corn and gourds and where to fish and hunt. Because of the Native Americans’ help, the Pilgrims learned to survive in the New World and built a village they named Plymouth. This is Samoset with the Pilgrims. This is Plymouth! Today it is a kind of museum

5 The First Thanksgiving
In autumn of 1621 the Pilgrims had plenty of food for winter. They were very happy and grateful for all the help from their new friends so they decided to have a feast to celebrate. They invited the Indians to join them to celebrate the year’s good harvest and give thanks to God for their new home.

6 Thanksgiving Today Today, Thanksgiving is a holiday that we celebrate with our family and friends. We have a big feast, just like the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag. Do you know what food we eat at our feasts? Here are some typical Thanksgiving foods:

7 Thanksgiving Today Thanksgiving dinner is a time where families gather to be together. Families typically eat dinner in the early afternoon. Before eating, everyone says what he or she is thankful for (for family, friends, etc.). What are you thankful for? What typical foods can you see in these two pictures?

8 Thanksgiving Day Activities
After dinner, the family likes to watch football or the Macy’s Parade in New York City. We also like to talk, play games and relax.

9 Thanksgiving Humor Can you understand the jokes in these Thanksgiving cartoons?

10 Thanksgiving Quiz Answer True or False. Can you give the correct information for the false statements? The Pilgrims came on three ships called the Niña the Pinta and the Santa Maria. The first Thanksgiving was in 1621. The Pilgrims landed in New York Harbor. Many Pilgrims died the first winter in Massachusetts because it was very hot and dry. The Native Americans in Massachusetts were hostile (unwelcoming) to the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims gave thanks for a good harvest at the First Thanksgiving. Turkey and paella are typical Thanksgiving foods. For Thanksgiving people dress up in costumes and trick-or-treat. After Thanksgiving dinner, families usually talk and relax. Most people play American football after eating on Thanksgiving.

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