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Biome Research By: Ashlend Nantze

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1 Biome Research By: Ashlend Nantze
Freshwater Biome Research By: Ashlend Nantze

2 Freshwater Geography & Climate
Location: Florida, Amazon, and lakes and rivers in Russia. Description: Plenty of minerals and nutrients. Soil type: deep and rich Precipitation: very little Temp range: 39F to 71F Climate: 39F to 71F

3 Freshwater Biodiversity
Biodiversity is the different organisms of plants and animals in an area. The biodiversity of plants is grass, algae, lilies, duckweeds, ect. The biodiversity of animals is frogs, tadpoles, crabs, shrimp, fish, ect.

4 Freshwater Adaptations Needed for Survival
Some plants have strong roots that keeps them anchored securely. Some animals need the water movement to survive.

5 freshwater Interactions of Biotic and Abiotic
Biotic: raccoons, insects, mollusks, frogs, turtles crabs, shrimp, bass, salmon, and trout are the biotic things living in an ecosystem . Abiotic: Water and rocks are the abiotic things in a freshwater ecosystem

6 What is Biodiversity? Type in your information and you may add a few pictures to your slide

7 How does biodiversity contribute to the sustainability of an ecosystem?
Use the handout given in class to answer the above question Type your answer here

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