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INETGUMENERTARY SYSTEM BY GROUP 7 Tariq Ashley,Nicole,kyrollos,Bayardo.

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1 INETGUMENERTARY SYSTEM BY GROUP 7 Tariq Ashley,Nicole,kyrollos,Bayardo

2 What are the major organs of the system? The integumentary system is the human skin. The major organ of the system are collagen and elastic.

3 What are their jobs? Collagen and elastic are responsible for the strength and elasticity of the skin. They also cause skin to age as time goes by.

4 What are the major functions of the integument system? This system or the skin helps you recover from minor injuries. EXAMPLES: Small burns Cuts Bruises

5 What are the major functions of the integument system? (part 2) The integrumentary system works as a barrier that protects your inner organs from the eternal environment. Think of it as a wall that protects your organs from the world that has bacteria and germs.

6 Why is this system important to survival? This system is important to survival because it helps control our body temperature which is 37*C is also allow us to stimulate our 5 senses. And also the system where the hair and nails grow and the skin also provides vitamin D3 which is vitamins for your body, it gets it from the sun.

7 Diseases Common diseases are 1. Acne-pimple on face,chest, back 2. Athletes foot- fungus infection in the feet includes cracking and peeling away skin 3. Burns- injuries to the tissue caused by tense heat 4. Dermatitis- pink or red rash that itches. 5. Psoriasis- causes skin cells to mature in less than a week 6. Warts- small growths caused by a viral infection of the skin 7. Alopecia areata- baldness in an area of where hair is suppose to be 8. Acute Paronychia- nail folds becomes painful red and swollen. Pus may come out

8 Disorders Vitiligo- a skin disorder in which the loss of melanocytes ( cells that produce the color pigment melanin) results in patches of smooth milky white skin.

9 Fact about the Integrumentary system Did you know: The skin is 16 percent of our body weight. When skin is damaged the epidermis produces new cells and the dermis repairs the damage. Largest organ system. Without this organ we wouldnt have the 5 senses. Like smell, hear, feel, see and taste

10 Vocabulary 1.Collagen 2.Elastic 3.Integument system 4.Melanin 5.Epidermis 6.Dermis 7.Sub-dermis 8.Fatty layer 9.Vitamin D3 1.A type of protein, it connects and supports other bodily tissues. 2. the elasticity of the skin 3.The skin. 4.Pigment that protects our skin and gives it color. 5. outer, thinnest layer of the skin. 6.Layer of cells directly below the epidermis. 7. the third layer of skin. 8.Layer under the subdermis but it collects fats from the body. 9. vitamins for our body, gets it from the sun. Word definition

11 Vitamin D3

12 Resources Miss. Ryan sites Textbook

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