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The Literary Essay secondary 4 IBO Adapted from

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1 The Literary Essay secondary 4 IBO Adapted from

2 Start at the Beginning READ THE BOOK!! Don’t Buy a Pre-Cooked Chicken. (AKA: Don’t rely on the sparknotes) You’ll only be cheating yourself out of learning what you need to get through CEGEP and University.

3 Ask Yourself: Why did the author write this? What is the theme? Are there symbols in the book? How do the characters develop? How is the style relevant to the content?

4 Look for patterns & connections How are the characters connected to the themes? How are the themes and characters connected to the symbols? What does the format and style say about the story? What are my connections to the story?

5 Develop a Thesis Statement Thesis statements are NOT QUESTIONS Thesis statements are NOT MERE OBSERVATIONS Thesis statements do TWO THINGS: Introduce the main idea that will be studied in the essay analyze or illuminate the text, often in terms of literary elements

6 what NOT to do: Observation: William Golding uses a third person narrator to give an objective view of what happens on the island. WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!!

7 Tips for Thesis Statements Use Action Verbs Use three examples to support your main idea For Example: “Harper Lee demonstrates the complexities and ironies of growing up through Scout’s interactions with Boo Radley, Jem, and Uncle Jack.” (you didn’t think I was going to give you a Lord of the Flies example, did you?)

8 Plotting our your essay Find Three examples for each of your three points Determine the order in which you will use the information Note cards? Traditional Outline? Brain-mapping/Notes that only you can decipher?

9 The Introduction One paragraph Usually, the thesis statement is at the end of the introduction A guideline: your introduction should include at least 5 SIGNIFICANT sentences What’s an INSIGNIFICANT sentence? “Literature often portrays characters that have many conflicts.”

10 The Introduction All sentences should have weight and meaning: Introduce background introduce new concepts/definitions provide transitions Introduce quotations provide facts and support

11 A good introduction should basically write the rest of the outline for you. You’ve already told me what you’re going to do. now all you have to do, is do it.

12 So now, let’s write your thesis statement! 1. Draft a thesis statement 2. Decide on the examples you will use to support your thesis 3. Mark those examples on the storyboard with icons cut out of paper to map your essay.

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