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Press Conference L 2 Ing. Jiří Šnajdar 2013 On the occasion of important events like adoption of important delegation, at the conclusion of an important.

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2 Press Conference L 2 Ing. Jiří Šnajdar 2013

3 On the occasion of important events like adoption of important delegation, at the conclusion of an important meeting, signing a contract, the presentation of a new product or model on the market, presentation of a political party election program, presentation of results at the end of the year, etc., are often organized the press conferences.

4 Preparing a press conference is very demanding and responsible job. Preparation requires accurate rethinking of the event, its detailed planning of and creating good conditions for those who will act on it. It is necessary to prepare well for guests, journalists, photographers and cameramen.

5 When the press conference held outside company or organization can rent space, refreshments and delegate technical background to specialized PR agency. Spokesperson, member of protocol can then concentrate on the substance of ensuring.

6 For the press conference are circulated invitations or invitation letters on which the date and hour of the meeting, the exact location, reason and who is organizing conference is presented, including the time boundaries of events.

7 Journalists are collected from different media, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV. Cz PO also we invite fundamentally, from which derives the majority of news media, whose official confirmation messages mean objectivity of information.

8 Media will send specialists to the topic and also we invite journalists with whom we longer cooperate. At the invitation we will request a confirmation of participation, e-mail, phone or the supplied form. Invitations to press conferences are increasingly send by electronic mail.Including of the invitations is information about the program. Emergency press conference can be convened into 24 hours.

9 The room in which the press conference is held, it must be equipped for this purpose. Portable sound system and microphones are now commonplace. For foreign journalists is necessary to prepare simultaneous interpreting. It is appropriate to expose logo and image material company which organized the conference. All the equipment, microphones in advance test.

10 The speaker must be clearly visible. The main officials at the press conference will have nameplates in front of them. Do not forget to prepare drinks for speakers during the conference.

11 Refreshments are available during the conference in the form of drinks, coffee, etc. After the conference is usually entertainment in the form of meals, including hot meals. Drinks are served including wine and beer and the like.

12 At the opening press conference shortly spokesman launch. Spokesperson manages the entire press konference. In the case of foreign visitors is referred to as the first local representative and then passes the word foreign partner. There must be sufficient space for the questions of journalists and media. Spokesman also ends the conference.

13 Press conferences are held in the morning from 10.00 to 11.00 hours, or around 14.00 hours, but not later than 17.00 hours. If it is a very important information is included in print and broadcast immediately.

14 At the entrance to the room where the press conference will be held position attendance list and leave a business card and contact. You will also know who attended the event. Maybe in the future that you will contact journalists and thank for the publicity.

15 Press conference starts exactly. In the beginning of the conference spokesman asks all to turn off mobile phones.

16 Necessary documents, information, images, catalogs, DVD are prepared in advance and every participant is received at the entrance. Not forgetting, information about other similar events, which are still being held. Into materials we will also place contact person who can provide further information and clarify questions. To the presentation material is appropriate to add a small gift with your company logo, pencils, pens, pads, etc.

17 At the beginning of the press conference spokesman present all at the head of the table and get acquainted all present with the program. Spokesman each speaker will introduce and after will thank him. Then ask to speak the next speaker. Spokesman insists that every journalist before question he introduce himself and told the media name working for. Spokesman end press conference thanks for the attention, cooperation and bid the present success in their work.

18 With journalists and the media need to maintain personal contact and provide them with information. We continually send them print materials, press statements, price lists, brochures, promotional materials, etc. Journalist to write positively, has to be convinced that this is a good thing or a quality product. It is appropriate to give him the opportunity to get the new car model tested alone.

19 Before any action is appropriate to perform a dress rehearsal. You need to make sure all the speakers are playing together and their performances are logically connected. Go through a press conference in the test, make sure all speakers control audiovisual equipment that operates lighting, sound, etc. All the details will be reflected in the outcome of your work.

20 Press conference ends, in fact, a few days after the event itself. It is necessary to go through all the media and evaluate publicity, we provoked.

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