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Websense: Protecting Your Internet Users. The Problems With Web Surfing Bandwidth Consumption – 18% downloaded media (Source: Websense 2006 Survey)

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1 Websense: Protecting Your Internet Users

2 The Problems With Web Surfing Bandwidth Consumption – 18% downloaded media (Source: Websense 2006 Survey) Productivity Loss – Studies show employees spend over 10 hours per week surfing non-business related websites (Source: Websense 2006 Survey) Legal Liability – More than 12% of web traffic visit pornography and other offensive sites (Source: Websense 2006 Survey) Security Risk – More than 75% of all organizations are infected with spyware (Source: IDCs Enterprise Security Survey, 2005)

3 Improve Your Network Bandwidth Utilization Prioritize network activities – Ensures sensitive information is always available Manage access to bandwidth-intensive websites – Internet TV and Radio, Streaming Media Manage access to bandwidth-intensive protocols – Ex. P2P file sharing, Skype

4 More Productive Computing Environment Make your policies specific – Over 90 URL categories – Over 80 protocols Use flexible enforcement – Allow – Block – Continue – Quota – Block by Bandwidth, File Type, Time of Day Right people receive the right policy – Policies by user or group

5 Proactively Manage Legal Liability Risks Reduce your organizations legal liability exposure: – Manage access to inappropriate sites, as deemed by corporate policy (E.G. Porn, Music Downloads, etc) Manage access to IM and P2P, frequent sources of inappropriate file and information sharing

6 Protection from Web-Based Threats Stop web-based threats before they infect your organizations endpoints: – Security Filtering will block access to websites with web-based threats including: Spyware Keyloggers Phishing Malicious Code Bot websites Potentially Unwanted Software A proactive approach to web security

7 Protect user and network resources Pro-active Protection Websense Web Filtering Block traffic to offensive websites Manage access to non-businesscritical websites Control bandwidth consumption Increase Productivity Conserve Bandwidth Mitigate Legal Liability

8 Master Database Construction Analistas Revisan los sitios Servidores de actualización desde San Diego, Londres y Tokyo INTERNET Agentes Web propietarios y Robots inteligentes investigan sitios web DATABASE 30 milliones de URLs

9 Web-based attacks Sua rede Troyanos personalizados Trojans Crimeware Spyware Código malicioso Keyloggers Virus Worms RSS

10 Signature- Based Advantages Definitive action once signature is available No specialized skill set required for ongoing management Drawbacks Reactive – relies on incidents within customer base Slow – requires post-facto reverse engineering and signature updates Behavior- Based Advantages Fast – instant reaction to known behaviors Drawbacks Requires specialized skill set for tuning and ongoing management Educated guesswork – prone to false positives The Traditional Approach to Security

11 Cost TIME Outbreak More sophisticated IRC bot ICMP Trojan horses Outbreak Reverse engineering Patch released Patch deployed Traditional Solutions vs. Todays Web Security Threats Source: CSO Magazine, 2006 E-Crime Watch Survey, September In 2006, e-crime cost an average U.S. business a staggering $740,000 a year.

12 Framing The Threats Known New Emerging Threat Matrix Internal External Next Generation Web Security Threats RSS Worms Crimeware Custom Trojans Web Security Threats Spyware Adware Phishing Information Protection Threats Exposed Data Stolen Data Unclassified / Undiscovered Data Productivity & Liability Threats Porn, Shopping, Sports Streaming Media IM, P2P, Blogs

13 Web Reputation Research Partnerships WebCatcher AppCatcher Search Engines / DNS Passive HoneyPots Active HoneyPots URL Sharing Patent-pending processes for collecting, mining and analyzing Data mining of more than 600 million sites a week Importing and monitoring millions of domain name records, registrars and fluxes Automated algorithmic checks for suspicious URLs and applications 1 TB+ collected and analyzed daily, 24 X 7 Lurking Passive HoneyClients Active HoneyClients ThreatSeeker Processes

14 ThreatSeeker – Cambio de Estrategia

15 Real-Time Security Updates: Immediately Protects Security Threat Discovered Time Customers Deploy Solutions Antivirus Solutions Available Window of Exposure Real-Time Security Updates

16 El Crecimiento de los Ataques en la Web El Crímen Perfecto – Tecnicamente sencillos – Costos de inversión muy bajos – Saca provecho de la inexistencia de fronteras en la Web Pocas reglaciones internacionales de leyes de informática – Improbable que lo atrapen – No hay expecialistas o defensas suficientes – Hay grandes cantidades de Cyber Criminales disponibles

17 Navegación sin protección

18 Estudio de Casos

19 Phishing Attack (6/1/06)

20 Google Pages Crimeware (16/jun/2006)

21 Super Bowl XLI

22 Hearse Trojan Horse Rootkit popular sofisticado, llamado Hearse Tiene código malicioso para robar información Download como parte del worm de P2P Alcra El worm de P2P Alcra incluye um downloader HTTP de 3 sitios. 7 Websense bloquea download inicial Souorce: Yankee Group O Websense clasificó las páginas el 7 de marzo del Prevx detecta Coldcase (Hearse) Prevx detecta segunda variante Sana detecta evidência de Hearse Sana Security anuncia Hearse Huella McAfee ( Prevx detecta tercera variante Huella Trend Micro (TSPY_HEARSE.A) Huella Symantec (TROJ_Hearse.A) HUella Kaspersky ( Huella F-Secure (Hearse.A) Huella Sophos Latência de detecção de marzo del 2006

23 Websense with Web Reputation Potentially Damaging Content Elevated Exposure Emerging Exploits Bot Networks Keyloggers Malicious Websites Phishing & Other Frauds Potentially Unwanted Software Spyware Websense 6.3 Web Reputation – New Categories Extended Protection!

24 Protección Extendida

25 Control Instant Messaging Attachments Control the sending and receiving of files via instant messaging (IM) clients Allows organizations to leverage business benefits from instant messaging while managing the security, bandwidth, and reducing legal liability related to IM file attachments.

26 Websense Web Protection Services: Protect Your Brand, Web Site, and Web Servers Alerts customers if their websites have been compromised Alerts customers if their brands have been targeted in phishing or malicious keylogging code attacks Takes a hackers view of web servers alerting customers of vulnerabilities

27 Remote Filtering Agent Firewall Corporate DMZ Remote User Remote Filtering Server Reporting Tools BB Internet B = Block (spywaresite).com Websense Websense Remote Filtering applies the same protection when your users are outside of your organizations network: Protect Anytime, Anywhere

28 A framework that enhances organizations Web security capabilities through technology integrations with leading security and networking solutions that increases the ROI of existing IT investments The Websense Web Security Ecosystem

29 Easily Check the Status of Your Network Monitor & Reporting: Unparalleled enterprise reporting with intuitive web-based, drill-down capabilities usable by technical and non-technical groups Combine statistics with trend graphs for an instant or historical view of categorized network activity Unique in offering Risk Classes which provides management-level summary information on risks

30 Easily Fits into Your Organization Scalable, from 25 to over 500,000 seat deployments Over 40 security and networking solutions – Internet Gateways – Certified Appliance Platforms – Network Access Control Provides flexible administration – Delegated administration – Remote administration – Delegated reporting Fits with your own custom filtering needs – Custom categories can be easily created – Security Event Management – Identity Management

31 Introducing Websense Express

32 All-in-one-server Websense approach Up to 250 users

33 Express Highlights Flexible Deployment Options – Software – Appliances (US ONLY) Integrated System Platform – Single Server Footprint – Unified Product Installation Streamlined to Support Windows Platforms – OS (Windows 2003 Server SP2, R2) – DB (MSDE) – Apache – User Authentication (AD, NT) Localized Language Support – German, French, Spanish, Japanese

34 Websense Express – Status

35 Websense Express – Summary

36 Websense Express – Tools

37 Websense Express – Policies

38 Websense Express – Reporting

39 Websense Express – Explorer

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