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MS Word Lesson Nine Formatting Objects Mrs. Brown.

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1 MS Word Lesson Nine Formatting Objects Mrs. Brown

2 Bell Ringer What is 3D?

3 Answer A perspective added to a border to give the appearance of three dimensions.

4 Lets Review How do you use the Screenshot and screen clipping feature ?

5 Today’s Outline Wrapping Text Around an Object Moving and Positioning an Object Formatting Objects Modifying Pictures Modifying Textboxes Adding Text to a Shape Changing a Shape

6 Vocabulary Words 3D: A perspective added to a border to give the appearance of three dimensions. Brightness: The amount of white or black added to a color; sometimes called tint. Contrast: The difference between color values in different parts of the same image. Fill: the inside area of a shape or other object Saturation: The intensity or depth of a color Shadow: An effect designed to give the appearance of a shadow behind a border Tone: The amount of gray added to a color

7 Wrapping Text Integrating an object into a document where the text can be position around the object several ways. There are several wrapping options to achieve the look you want Text Wrapping Options – In line: Picture position on a line with text – Square: Text wrapped on the sides of the picture – Tight: wrapped to the contours of the image – Behind Text: layered behind text – In Front of Text: layered on top of text – Top and bottom: displayed above and below – Through: Text runs through picture

8 Inline text and Floating Graphic Inline Graphic Behaves like a text character Floating Graphic Can be positioned anywhere on a page

9 ute_tips/general/wrapping_text_i n_microsoft_word Video on Wrapping Text

10 Wrapping Text Activity 1. Open a new document. If you just want to play with this feature, type =rand(2,5). This function creates 2 paragraphs of 5 lines of random text. 2. Place your cursor where you wish insert your picture. 3. From the Insert menu, select Picture and then From File… 4. Choose the picture you wish to insert. 5. Right click the picture and select Show Picture Toolbar. 6. Click the Text Wrapping button. 7. Select Square. You should see your text wrap around your picture. You can drag the picture to reposition and the text will reflow. If you don’t see your text wrap around your image, your picture may be too big. Try resizing the picture so it’s small enough that text could wrap around it. You can do this by clicking the picture and dragging the lower right corner towards the top left.

11 Moving Objects Drag to a new location Nudge if in line with text using directional arrow keys on the keyboard Cut and paste command to move inline object the way you would move characters Position top, bottom, left, right, and middle of page Align vertically (top or bottom) Horizontally ( left, right, middle) Rotate or flip object Layer objects that overlap front or back Group multiple objects to edit or format them as one

12 Moving Objects and Group Select object – To drag to a new location the mouse pointer must be a four-headed arrow. – Click left, right, up and down arrow to nudge it in each direction – Objects can be position, align, rotate, bring forward, send back, and selection pane – Select multiple objects using the shift key for grouping Grouping lets you reposition and modify objects as if they were a single shape or object

13 Remember Picture: Clip or picture in digital format inserted in the document from another location Shape: an object you draw using Word’s drawing and shape tools – When selected drawing tools format tab becomes available

14 Formatting Objects and pictures have different styles you can apply – Outline – Fills – 3-D – Shadows

15 Complete All Try Its

16 Complete Asssignment Project 17 page 165 Project 18 page 167

17 Proj 17

18 Proj 18

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