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Guyana Land of many waters.

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1 Guyana Land of many waters

2 GUYANA • The Golden Arrowhead, Guyanas National Flag has FIVE symbolic colors -- GREEN represents the agricultural and forested nature of Guyana, WHITE symbolizes the rivers and water potential of the country, a GOLDEN arrow represents Guyanas mineral wealth, BLACK portrays the endurance that will sustain the forward thrust of the Guyanese people and RED represents the zeal and dynamic nature of nation-building which lies before the young and independent Guyana.


4 Country -(long form) Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Capital- Georgetown Total Area- 83, sq mi214, sq km Population 697,181 (July 2001 est.) 786,846Languages -English, Amerindian dialects, Creole, Hindi, Urdu Literacy- 98.1% total, 98.6% male, 97.5% female (1995 est.) Religions- Christian 50%, Hindu 33%, Muslim 9%, other Type republic within the Commonwealth Currency 1 Guyanese dollar (G$) = 100 cents GDP (per capita) $4,800 (2000 est.) Industry bauxite, sugar, rice milling, timber, fishing (shrimp), textiles, gold mining Agriculture sugar, rice, wheat, vegetable oils; beef, pork, poultry, dairy products; forest and fishery Natural Resources bauxite, gold, diamonds, hardwood timber, shrimp, fish

5 "Mashramani" is derived from an Amerindian language and in translation means "the celebration of a job well done". It is probably the most colourful of all the countrys festivals. There are spectacular costume competitions, float parades, masquerade bands, and dancing in the streets to the accompaniment of steel drum music and calypsos. Masquerades frequent the streets performing acrobatic dance routines, a vivid reminder of Guyanas African heritage. Calypso competitions with their witty social commentaries are another integral part of "Mash", and this culminates in the coronation of a King or Queen for the particular year.

6 Taste of Guyana Pepperpot Egg-ball

7 Bounty of Guyana

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