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2  What is Cooperative Learning?  Activity: Think about what makes an activity a cooperative learning activity.  Create a T-chart to determine descriptors of a cooperative learning activity: Descriptors of a CL Activity NoYes

3 Cooperative Learning II  What makes an activity Cooperative Learning?  Students working together towards a common goal  Students needing each other to complete a task or grasp a new concept  Students helping each other learn and applauding success and efforts  Students understanding that there is individual and group accountability  Students using interpersonal and small group skills, such as communication, trust, decision making, and conflict resolution  Students using group processing and reflection on how well the team is functioning and how to make it better Marzano, 2001

4 Cooperative Learning II  What is NOT Cooperative Learning?  Seating students in groups  Group work  Ability grouping  Every lesson, every day

5 Cooperative Learning II  Why do we need to implement Cooperative Learning?  Use some Think Time and think of some reasons why we need to use Cooperative Learning in a middle school classroom.  Be ready to share these reasons with the group.

6 Cooperative Learning II  Research: (Kagan, 2005)  Higher student achievement  Increased retention of information  Increased perspective taking  Greater intrinsic motivation  Improved ethnic relationships  Higher self esteem  Improved social skills  More on-task behavior  Better attitudes about school and teachers

7 Cooperative Learning II  EdVantage – Second Quarter Focus:  The Democratic Process: Look at the EdVantage Strategic Bookmarks Focus on the “Democratic Processes” – section C Which of these indicators correlate to Cooperative Learning? Why is this another rationale to use Cooperative Learning in the middle school classroom?

8 Cooperative Learning II  EdVantage Bookmark: C. Participating in democratic processes Recognize and celebrate students who… Model respect, honesty, integrity and trust Keep promises Accept differences in others Identify community needs Seek to serve Demonstrate leadership Accept responsibility Engage and promotes civic responsibility Build collaborative relationships Demonstrate patriotism Respect national heritage Understand the cost of freedom Promote involvement in democratic process

9 Cooperative Learning II  Cooperative Learning Strategies  Carousel Feedback  Inside-Outside Circle  Mix Pair Share  OneStray  RoundTable  Simultaneous RoundTable  Team Stand and Share  Timed Pair Share  Strategy Explanation is listed in attachments !

10 Cooperative Learning II  WILT e-mail(What I Learned Today):  Explain the difference between a group activity and a Cooperative Learning activity.  Write down how the administrators will see evidence of Cooperative Learning strategies in your classroom.

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