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Classy Occasions “Its Not Just a Party, It’s a Way of Life”

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1 Classy Occasions “Its Not Just a Party, It’s a Way of Life”

2 An Overview Introduction of team members Narrative Statement History of Classy Occasions Mission Statement Logo/Slogan Target Audience Next Upcoming Event Conclusion Crisis Plan/Questions

3 A Brief Description of Classy Occasions Kristin Bartz- Calendar & Organization Specialist Jordan Holway- Client Communications Specialist Alexis Lodge- Chief Financial Officer Brittany Stewart- Crisis Plan Specialist

4 Narrative Statement The purpose of our organization is to provide exposure, set up cocktail receptions, arrange media dinners, and provide publicity for clients, along with corporations, who are willing to achieve maximum exposure beneficiary towards their near future. Classy Occasions is a full service event planning firm that organizes every unique event from concept to completion.

5 History of Classy Occasions Classy Occasions was established in New York City March of 2000. We started as a small event planning firm, and now serve 5 major cities including Washington, D.C. New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Through the last 6 years we have established our reputation with high profile clients by producing events with the highest quality. We are proud of our clients we currently serve. We were awarded 5 stars through the New York Times in 2005.

6 Mission Statement We work closely with our clients, invited quests, and media to ensure an exciting concept that underlies the occasion each and every time. We are professional event planners providing a complete range of solutions to meet and exceed all of your event and party needs. Our mission is to develop a program that fulfills all of your requirements by working closely with you during the planning process, seeking your ideas and input, so that your special event reflects your tastes, personality, style, and budget. Our events are fun, our style is distinctive, and our attention to detail is unmistakable.

7 Our Logo/Slogan Our logo is a martini glass, because we are an event planning company. We enjoy planning parties and events for the upscale class. It also symbolizes taste, elegance, refinery, and a classy look and touch. Our slogan is “It’s Not Just a Party- It’s a Way of Life.”

8 Target Audience Our company “Classy Occasions” will serve a wide array of publics. Some examples are a girl’s night out, a large corporation Christmas party, a fashion show, an anniversary, a wedding reception, anyone who wants to celebrate, have a good time and who wants the planning done right.

9 Our Next Upcoming Event We are currently working with Jeffrey Sebelia who recently won Project Runway. We are planning the after party for Jeffrey’s premiere fashion show at Jay Z’s 40/40 club in New York City on March 2, 2007.

10 Tactics/Strategies

11 Upcoming Calendar October 30- RSVP due for head count November 1 – reserve Jay-Z 40/40 club November 15- reserve banquet hall December 1- fittings for back up models January 1- reserve 8 all black limos/ stretch excursions February 1- reserve catering services February 10- order flowers February 20- dress rehearsals March 1- pick up flowers March 2- fashion show and after party

12 Conclusion We are willing to do whatever it takes to make your special day more memorable than imaginable. To contact Classy Occasions, visit our website at:

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