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1 Mood

2 Mood Definition: The feeling or impression the author creates with his writing Also refers to the feelings the reader has about the characters or setting in a story Mood can be identified by analyzing the setting of a story and by analyzing the character’s actions and dialogue


4 Identifying Mood through Character’s Words & Actions
Readers need to recognize/analyze the following: Situation in which the character is involved Character’s reactions to the situation Character’s reactions to other characters Character’s body language Character’s tone of voice What the characters say to and about others The character’s thoughts and emotions

5 Identifying Mood through Character’s Words & Actions
Identify the situation—what is the character doing? Find the key words and phrases that show the character’s reactions to the situation Ask yourself: What mood is shown by the character’s reactions?

6 Identifying Mood through Analyzing Setting
Writers often select/create a setting that will impart the mood they wish to instill in their readers Writers will use a variety of imagery devices to vividly describe the setting so that readers can picture in their minds how the setting looks, smells, sounds, etc. They use sensory details, simile, metaphor, personification

7 Words to Describe Mood Just about any word that can describe an emotion can describe the mood in a story. The following list is just some examples: Cheerful Humorous Peaceful Light Tense Dark Scary suspenseful Terror Apprehensive Ominous Anxious Melancholy Romantic Lonely Sad Dreary Mysterious Calm Angry Violent Exciting Cold Fearful

8 Example Passages Ben stepped gingerly down the old stairs. In the shadows, he could see the ill-shapen forms of the slimy creatures lurking about on the basement floor. (develops an eerie mood) The color of the water was startling—a snapping crisp turquoise that took my breath away. Cascading pools spread out unexpectedly from the waterfall. (develops an exciting mood) What was the sound overhead? I felt a fear move down my back as heavy footsteps moved slowly across the attic toward the ladder. I felt frozen with fright. I could not move. Who—or what—was up there? (suspenseful)

9 Why Mood Matters Mood is an important literary element because it influences the way readers feel about what they are reading. Mood can draw a reader into a story and can compel a reader to continue to read.

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