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Properties of Water Lab

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1 Properties of Water Lab
What happened in this lab?

2 Station One

3 Penny & Water Properties shown: Adhesion: Water sticks to the penny:
Cohesion: Water sticks to water to give the bubble effect and allow so much water to fit in a tiny space.

4 Station Two

5 Wax Paper & Water & Oil Properties of water shown:
Water is polar and wax is nonpolar (remember like only dissolves like) so the water just sits on the wax paper like a bead, when you drag them together they form a big bubble (cohesion: water sticking to water) Oil is non-polar and so is wax, like dissolves like, so the oil dissolves through the paper, does not show the same properties as the water.

6 Station Three

7 Paper Clip in Water & Add Soap
Properties of water shown: Paper clip floats because cohesion (water sticking to water) allows for surface tension to form. Paper clip sinks because the soap is non-polar and breaks the hydrogen bonds in water. (no more surface tension).

8 Station Four

9 Ice in Water & Alcohol Properties of water shown:
Ice floats in water because it is less dense than water. Ice sinks in alcohol because it is more dense than alcohol. Fish can survive in the water because ice floats in water and insulates the bottom of the pond. (high specific heat: hydrogen bonds resist extreme changes in temp).


11 Station Five

12 Capillary Tube & Red Water
Properties of water shown: Adhesion: The water rises up in the tube by sticking to the sides of the tube. This is how a tree moves water from the ground to its leaves. Cohesion: As the water sticks to the sides of the tube, it pulls more water with it

13 Station Six

14 Water & Alcohol with Sugar & Salt
Properties of water shown: Water is a solvent and it is polar so it dissolves the sugar and the salt very well. Alcohol is less polar than water so it is not as good as a solvent as water is, so the solutes do not dissolve in alcohol.

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