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6/3/2016 Ch. 14.1 Types of Waves 1. Wave Types 2.

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1 6/3/2016 Ch. 14.1 Types of Waves 1

2 Wave Types 2

3 6/3/2016 Wave A disturbance that transfers energy from place to place 3

4 Energy  Defined as the ability to do work. 4

5 When a wave in water passes under an object floating on the water’s surface, the energy from the wave moves the object up and down. 5

6 Medium  The material through which a waves travels is called... 6

7 Examples of Mediums:  Gases (such as air)  Liquids (such as water)  Solids (such as ropes) 7

8 Mechanical waves  Waves that require a medium through which to travel. 8

9 Electromagnetic Waves  A wave caused by a disturbance in electric and magnetic fields and that does not require a medium; also call a light wave 9

10 Waves are created when a source of energy causes a medium to vibrate. 10

11 What is going on with the energy below? 11

12 The energy travels in all directions, and becomes less concentrated because it spreads out. 12

13 Vibration  A repeated back-and-forth or up-and-down motion.  This motion is the source of the wave 13

14 Waves are classified according to how they move. The three types waves are transverse waves, longitudinal waves, and surface waves. 14

15 Transverse waves...  Waves that move the medium in a direction perpendicular or at right angles, to the direction in which the waves are traveling. 15

16 Transverse means “across” 16 transverse wave

17 Longitudinal waves  Move the particles of the medium parallel to the direction that the waves are traveling. 17

18 The parts where the coils are close together are called … Compressions. The parts where the coils are spread out are called … Rarefaction 18

19 19 compression wave

20 Compression Rarefaction SOUND WAVES 20

21 Surface Waves  Some waves are a combination of both transverse and longitudinal waves.  Occur at the surface between two medium, such as water and air 21

22 3wIyk  Waves video 22

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