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CollegeBoard SAT Online Course Student Registration.

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1 CollegeBoard SAT Online Course Student Registration

2 1 SAT Online - What You Will Need In order to register, you must have: –A working email account –Several possible user names* –A unique password –Your Zip Code –Your Date of Birth –Your Month and Year of Graduation *Your first choice may not be available.

3 2 If you do not have an email account you will first go to Note: if you have an email account skip to the 4 th slide.

4 3 Fill out the information Make sure you choose an ID and password that is unique and easy to remember. Please write this information down, at least temporarily, so you can remember it. If you do not have an alternate email, use “” Click Create My Account Check it by

5 4 SAT Online - Student Registration 1.Launch Internet Explorer. 2.Go to

6 5 SAT Online - Student Registration 3.Under “Students” click Register Now!

7 6 SAT Online - Student Registration We will provide you with a card, find your student access code. Important: Please do not try and use the access code from the example above. It will not work. Use the code on the card that has been provided you. WITRXDM-TEL2BGYWH

8 Enter your student access code and click submit. 7

9 Click Sign up 8

10 9 SAT Online - Student Registration 8.Complete the registration form. Important: If you do not want to receive monthly newsletters, be sure to “uncheck” this box

11 10 SAT Online - Student Registration 9.Adding your parents to your account is optional.

12 11 SAT Online - Student Registration 10.Be sure to write down your User Name and Password somewhere so you don’t forget it!

13 12 SAT Online - Student Registration 11.“Check” the class name that corresponds to the first initial of your last name and click Submit.

14 13 SAT Online - Student Registration 12.Confirm your selection and click Complete Registration.

15 14 SAT Online - Student Registration 13.Under Registration Confirmation, click “Continue To The Official SAT Online Course”.

16 15 SAT Online - Student Registration Congratulations! You are registered!

17 16 SAT Online - Student Login After completing the registration process, the next time you want to login: 1.Go to necourseschool necourseschool 2.Under “Students” enter your User Name and Password in and click Sign In.

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