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Social Structures. Social Structure Do you think a society can exist without a social structure?

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1 Social Structures

2 Social Structure Do you think a society can exist without a social structure?

3 Social Structures… A network of interrelated statuses and roles that guide human interaction Dynamic (changing) People’s actions can affect and even reshape

4 Stop, Read, and Think…. What factors might help determine how a person functions in society?

5 … The groups to which the person belongs The jobs or roles the person fulfills

6 Social Structure Statuses- a position in a group that guides human interaction A status carries with it a set of culturally defined rights and duties… Roles- the behavior

7 Status Defines where individuals fit (i.e. mother, daughter, sister, teacher, Jewish) Ascribed- assigned based on inherited traits or age (i.e. senior citizen, sex, or race) Achieved-individual efforts (i.e. doctor, athlete) Master-ranks the highest above all others (occupation, marital status, parenthood)


9 Roles “ You occupy a status, but you play a role ” Roles bring status to life You play many different roles everyday. Reciprocal-defining the pattern of interaction between related statuses (i.e. student-teacher, leader-follower)

10 Roles Role expectations or Social roles- socially determined behaviors expected of person performing a role Ex. Lawyers defending/prosecuting clients Role performance-actual role does not always match behavior expected Ex. Parents abusing children

11 Roles Role set -Many different roles attached to a single status Role conflict -occurs when incompatible expectations arise from two or more social positions held by the same person Conflict between statuses Ex…being a good student sometimes makes you a bad friend, employee, sister…

12 Roles Role strain- difficulty that arises when the same social position imposes conflicting demands and expectations Role exit is the process people go through to detach from a role that was previously central to their social identity. (Imprisonment, divorce, HS student to college student)

13 Think Pair Share Create 1 example of a role strain and role conflict. (1 minute) Share with shoulder partner (1minute) Be prepared to share with class


15 Social Institutions Statuses and roles are organized to satisfy one or more basic needs of society Ex. Family, medical, educational, economic, religious,legal and political systems Organized pattern of beliefs/behavior centered on basic needs

16 Check for Understanding Social structure- how is the institution organized Identify statuses and roles within An example of role conflict or role strain for each Family Medical(hospitals) Educational Economic Religion Legal (courts) Political

17 Types of Social Interaction Social interaction the way in which people respond to one another Examples of interaction: Exchange Competition Conflict Cooperation Accommodation

18 Exchange Most basic and common form Interaction in effort to receive a reward Reward might be tangible or intangible Exchange theory is the idea that people are motivated by self-interest in their interactions with other people. **** Rewarded behavior is repeated

19 Reciprocity- you do something for someone, that person owes you something (Basis of exchange interactions)

20 Competition 2 or more groups of people oppose each other to achieve a goal that only one can attain Common feature of Western society Cornerstone of capitalism Can be positive motivator Can be negative: psychological stress, lack of cooperation, inequality, conflict

21 Conflict Deliberate attempt to control a person by force, to oppose someone, harm another person Few rules of conduct

22 Conflict Simmel’s 4 sources of conflict: wars, disagreements within groups, legal disputes, and clashes over ideology (such as religion or politics)

23 Conflict Conflict reinforces group boundaries, strengthens group loyalty focusing on outside threat Lead to social change by bringing problems to forefront Seek solutions

24 Cooperation 2 or more people or groups work together to achieve a goal that will benefit more than one person. Social process that gets things done Cooperation is used with other forms of interaction Examples…. Cooperation and competition…

25 Accommodation The state of balance between cooperation and conflict “you give a little, you take a little” Compromise Truce Arbitration

26 Compromise Each party gives up something they want in order to come to an agreement Mediation Calling in a third party who guides the two parties toward an agreement Arbitration A third party makes a decision that is binding on both parties Accommodation Truce Temporarily brings a halt to the competition or conflict until a compromise can be reached Accomodation is a state of balance between cooperation and conflict.



29 Create a comic strip panel for each type of interaction. Be sure to include statuses.

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