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Establishing positive work relationships = Good working environment.

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1 Establishing positive work relationships = Good working environment

2 Working Relationships: Positive work relationships need: Friendly Attitude – Respect – Cooperation – Reciprocation – social exchange Etiquette – Manners matter!!!

3 Understanding Authority: You’re NOT it – unless you ARE the boss Authority = anyone who is in charge of you Respect others Give clear directions Keep people safe and doing their job Nobody's perfect It’s not easy being in charge – co-workers ≠ friends Be responsible being in charge!!

4 Authority cont.: You’re NOT it – unless you ARE the boss Respond appropriately = People pleasers & Tyrants ≠ effective leaders Be respectful if questioning authority figure No one is right all the time Channel Rebelliousness = you DO need to follow the rules at the workplace Teens are often seen as rebellious and not good workers Too often rebelliousness backfires = lose job

5 Handling Job Relationships Bosses do care However, don’t take advantage, your personal life is NOT really their concern Relationships are usually first based on YOUR work and work ethic Hard work usually = positive/respectful work relationships Getting along with coworkers You DON’T have to be friends, but be respectful It takes positive effort AVOID GOSSIP Do the best you can – all the time

6 Conducting yourself Be appropriate/polite First people judge you on looks – next is how you speak to someone Be polite to everyone – it works wonders Your influence on others Your actions affect others actions If you are rude, you usually get rude back Be confident, but not obnoxious, in your abilities

7 Teamwork: Cooperation to achieve a goal/purpose Most jobs involve teamwork at some point Do YOUR job Make sure all team members contribute Effective teamwork Everyone has a job and does it See the benefits Ex. Sports teams Know what’s expected of you AND others

8 Teamwork cont.: Communication ALL jobs involve communication Speak/Email/Message appropriately Don’t put anything in writing that isn’t appropriate to say to the boss (or his/her spouse!) Conflict resolution skills Work out the problems to get the work done Be clear in your written and spoken communications Take credit ONLY if you deserve it Take responsibility for your mistakes

9 Leadership cont.: Leadership Styles Participatory leaders: Work together with employees to get a job done Allow/encourage the decision making to be done be the team/group Team members can work alone or with the team to get work done Works best for people who are self-discipline Directive leaders: Leader sets goals and makes the plans Works best for people who need to be told what to do However, members of this team are often less motivated

10 Leadership cont.: Leadership Styles Free Rein leaders: Allows team/group to work at own pace Leader only participates when asked direct question Works best for people doing a creative/developmental job, such as creating new toys or developing new theories Team members usually are self-disciplined to be successful in this model

11 Leadership cont.: Leadership Tasks Accomplishing the actual work: Need to motivate workers to reach goal Coordinate schedules/deadlines Solve problems Manage resources Promoting teamwork: Need social skills to work with others Build relationships (appropriate) with others Use Diplomacy = able to handle situations delicately/appropriately Encourage team members

12 Followers/Team Members: Team members need to: Work together Do their own work Be willing to be managed Recognize what they can GET from and GIVE to the team/project

13 The good and the bad: Positives of working on a team: Do less work than doing whole project Have people to share ideas with Create a group dynamic Negatives of working on a team: People don’t always do their share People can be critical of others’ work, but not see fault in their own work

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