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September 8, 2008 TPTF Nodal Core Projects Updates Nodal Project Managers.

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1 September 8, 2008 TPTF Nodal Core Projects Updates Nodal Project Managers

2 2 2 Program UpdateSeptember 8, 2008 Agenda – Core Project Updates NMMS EMS MMS CRR COMS

3 3 3 Program UpdateSeptember 8, 2008 NMMS Update Continuing NMMS 4 FAT – 8 Outstanding Sev 1/Sev 2 defects Provided V1.20 CIM XML files with test data to AREVA and ABB for consumption Coded & implemented Data Validation Set 0 (mandatory attributes, mandatory associations) –Coding incremental Data Validation Set 2 (RARF, CRR, & Planning) –Coding incremental Data Validation Set 3 (EMS & MMS)

4 4 4 Program UpdateSeptember 8, 2008 EMS Update – CIM Completed three weeks of data correction / testing at ERCOT –Number of data issues have been reduced from over 20,000 (week of Aug. 8) to 54 (week of Aug. 29) –New NMMS model provided on Aug. 29 – verifying 3 issues from the build, 2 issues re-opened, and new issues opened. –Next NMMS model drop planned for Sep. 5 ERCOT SMEs continue to test with AREVA to identify/resolve issues –Running validation and cross validation routines – all run successfully except Generation and ICCP –Running individual applications SCADA – running successfully multiple days with a few minor data errors, feeding data to State Estimator ICCP – running validation and reviewing the save case Generation – limited success, but addressing 50 data errors and a potential code issue Dynamic Rating – validated the save case is correct Network Applications –Study Load flow ran successfully –State Estimator is running successfully over multiple days; Contingency Analysis has limited success due to configuration data and code issue

5 5 5 Program UpdateSeptember 8, 2008 EMS Update – 2 Software Releases –EMS 5.1.5 for Outage Evaluation (OE), Voltage Support, etc. has finished execution of planned FAT test scripts. Release is held up by several OE-specific defects – new target Sep. 19 FAT Sign off –EMS 5.1.7 Habitat 5.1.7 released to ERCOT several months ago, awaiting an opportunity to place in ERCOT FAT –EMS 5.1.8 EMS CIM Importer – Application testing in progress to validate the database build, restart Pre-FAT at ERCOT in mid-September State Estimator and Telemetry reports / extracts (EDW 1) –Completed User Acceptance Testing and are now approved by ERCOT for posting to the EDS environment –State Estimator Reports / Extracts: SE Convergence Rate Report MW Residuals SE Vs Telemetry for Congested Transmission Element Report Buses Not Meeting Telemetry Standards Report MW Residuals SE Vs Telemetry for Major Transmission Elements Report State Estimator Statistics Extract –Telemetry Reports: Critical Data Availability Statistics Report Monthly Market Participant Real Time Availability Statistics Report Quarterly Point Availability Statistics Report ICCP Link Availability

6 6 6 Program UpdateSeptember 8, 2008 Project Update – MMS MMS Processes & Procedures (DAM, RUC, Adjustment Period and Real-time) –MMS and MOS team members are leading the development of these documents –Process reviews are scheduled with TPTF for August, September and October meetings Software Releases –MMS 4 Complete patch 2 FAT testing on August 26 Started patch 3 FAT testing on August 26 Patch 4 delivered to ERCOT on August 27 (originally targeted for August 31) –Will use same CIM XML test data set as patch 2 and 3 –Focused mainly on outstanding defects MMS4 patch 5 is targeted for delivery on September 30 –Targeted to include Settlements and Billing defects, interface updates, and additional workflow development and testing with the most recent CIM schema and CIM XML test data set –CIM XML test data set version has been determined; will use v1.20 received from NMMS

7 7 7 Program UpdateSeptember 8, 2008 Project Update – MMS (cont.) Software Releases (continued) –MMS5 is the last scheduled MMS software release This release will be comprised of the following: –CIM XML import processing and testing end-to-end (defined in last bullet in this section) –Bug fixes identified to ABB during testing –Remaining work on NPRRs (e.g., NPRR113) –Remaining SIG paper work (e.g., rounding) –Remaining software implementation changes based on testing (e.g., performance improvements, startup cost eligibility, SASM constraint modeling) Trigger start for MMS5 is a CIM schema and CIM XML data file validated and synchronized for consumption by EMS and MMS Once the trigger is available, the following tasks will take place: –ABB final review and refactoring of all workflows using the complete CIM schema and CIM XML file –ABB completion of software updates for SIG papers, post baseline 2 NPRRs, performance and production readiness tasks, and outstanding defects –Pre-FAT in Santa Clara –Release preparation and delivery to ERCOT –Loading and smoke testing in MMS DEV and MMS FAT –Final regression testing of MMS system in FAT

8 8 8 Program UpdateSeptember 8, 2008 Project Update – CRR Requirements for CRR Network Model One Line diagram approved by TPTF and TAC Working with Nodal EMS project team to optimize development efforts for the CRR Network Model One Line diagram Start of CRR4 FAT is planned for Sep. 19 – SMEs will test revised propagation of CRR Account Holder name changes within the CRR application

9 9 9 Program UpdateSeptember 8, 2008 Project Update – COMS Settlements/Data Agg/CSI – Product Testing at ERCOT –Development Settlements and Billing/Data Agg: Completed over 97% of nodal coding and functionally verified –Outstanding code (to date): –Data Agg: Reworking recent memory footprint release from Oracle into core code and regression testing –Internal/External Source Reports for Data Agg, Settlements, and CODIA CSI: Completed over 85% of Lodestar Bill Determinants and verified –Testing Continue to test core system with upstream system changes Continue to optimize batch cycles –Major issues Received a new memory footprint function from Product Memory mgmt issue. Currently reworking footprint functions into base code (added a final regression to schedule) Need synchronous dataset from market systems (NMMS/EMS/MMS/CRR) running in an integrated environment before market level validation can begin (required for post Shadow Settlement Extracts)

10 10 Program UpdateSeptember 8, 2008 Project Update - COMS (cont.) Registration and Disputes – Migrating to Integration Test –Registration 4 Release integration test scheduled for completion Dec. 5, 2008 –Registration 4 Release includes: Siebel changes for nodal (defect fixes) Siebel to Lodestar interface (upgrade/change from zonal) Lodestar to Siebel Settlement Calendar Look Up –Major Issue Integration rework needed for Zonal/Nodal cross impact created delay for Disputes API. Disputes API now targeted for January 2009 production delivery Credit Monitoring and Management – FAT Testing –Build 3.1 (Vendor developed interfaces) in FAT 97% Complete –Build 3.2 (Settlement and Billing / Commercial System Integrated Releases) in development targeting October 2008 delivery to FAT –Major Issues/Risks Finalizing detailed analysis and design of internal UI and reporting. Any changes from upstream systems, NPRRs or change controls have potential to impact schedule

11 11 Program UpdateSeptember 8, 2008 Questions?

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