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Wayland High School School Code: 222255 2012 AP Pre-registration.

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1 Wayland High School School Code: 222255 2012 AP Pre-registration

2 Do not work ahead. Do not do anything until instructed to do so. The more you follow directions, the faster we get this done.

3 Each student should have in their folder: 1.their folder and: 1. a student pack, 2. an answer sheet, 3. an AP Bulletin 4. a 5x7 index card 5. a pencil (if necessary; please return at end) Raise your hand if you need any of these items!


5 AP Student Pack 1.Write your name on the upper right- hand corner of the sheet of labels in the middle of the pack.

6 2009 AP ® Preadministration Session AP Student Pack 1.Place one label on the back cover of the Student Pack. A box is provided in the top left- hand corner of the College Information Card.

7 AP Student Pack 1.The big box below the label should be left blank. If you want, you can specify a college for your scores to be sent on your answer sheet. This box is only if you want to change that choice.

8 Front Cover of the Student Pack 1.Print your legal name. 1. AP Grade Reports are cumulative. 2. Cumulative reports require consistent student information from year to year. 3. If this is your first AP Exam, enter your legal name. 4. If you have taken previous AP Exams, use the same form of your name as in previous years. 5. Don’t give your social security number one year and not the next.

9 Front Cover of the Student Pack 1.Enter your six-digit school code (222255). 1.Print your AP number in the boxes indicated 1.Same number as on sticker; do not place a sticker here. 2.Fill in the box next to each AP Exam that you plan to take this year.

10 Folder: On label at upper left, write your AP exams in chronological order. (See front of student pack for dates.) Mr. D 5/7 Spanish 5/8 Calc AB 5/9 Latin

11 2009 AP ® Preadministration Session Today you fill out a registration answer sheet. You will use this registration answer sheet for your first exam (plus some exam-specific info). For subsequent exams, you will fill out only the exam- specific sections, i.e. you will not repeat the sections you fill out today. The AP Answer Sheet:

12 Page 1 of the Answer Sheet 1.Place an AP number label in the box at the top left-hand corner of the Answer Sheet. Do not place anything in the shaded box at upper- right (this will be for exam day only).

13 Page 1 of the Answer Sheet 1.Item A: Leave this item blank.

14 Page 1 of the Answer Sheet 1.Item B: Print your legal name, last name first, and fill in the corresponding ovals.

15 Page 1 of the Answer Sheet 1.Item C: Copy the AP number from the label on your Answer Sheet, and fill in the corresponding ovals.

16 Leave Items D, E, F, G, and H BLANK! These will be completed on the day of the exam.

17 Complete Items I, J, K, M, N, and O. Item L: OPTIONAL (I recommend not). However, please provide your social security number if it was provided on previous AP Exams. Item O: Marking ‘yes’ here enrolls you CB’s Student Search Service, a free service that allows students ‘to receive information about admissions, financial aid and other postsecondary opportunities without being solicited by commercial entities.

18 Complete Item R: Street Address. Skip Item S

19 Complete Items T & U: Student ID # & email Address Use your WHS Student ID # for Item T Proctors: If students don’t know their ID, check iPass for it.

20 Complete Items V, W, X, and Y Item Y: If you don’t know, guess or leave blank.

21 Index Card

22 Please fill out all information included below in the specified location on the provided index card. Please skip lines where lines are skipped below. Sticker fr. Student Pack AP Exams being taken Emergency contact [name, relationship, phone #] Last name, First Name Grade Address, Phone #, e- mail address [for phone & e-mail, easiest one to get in touch with you]

23 PAYMENT: $89 per exam 2 exams = $178 3 exams = $267 4 exams = $356 5 exams = $445 6 exams = $534 (and, yes, Physics students, you pay for 2 exams) We are hoping to move to online payments. Stay tuned. Check for updates, either instructions for paying on line or instructions for paying by check. Either way, deadline is Friday, April 5 (info will be posted Monday at latest).

24 Exam Locations 1. Most exams will be administered in the lecture hall. -Language exams & Music Theory will be administered in the Language Lab. -AP Calc AB, BC & US History will be administered on the basketball court in the field house. -Single exams (Enviro, Physics B) will be administered in the main office (likely the conference room across from Mr. Smith’s office). -All other exams will be administered in the Lecture Hall.

25 Exam Timing 1. Morning exams should report at 7.30 so that we can begin as close to 8.00 as possible. 2. Afternoon exams should report at 11.15 so that we can begin as close to noon as possible. -If there is a morning exam, this might be pushed back to 11.45, depending on when the morning exam begins and how long it takes. 3. Breakfast will be provided for morning exams in the faculty room at 7.00. 4. Lunch will be provided for afternoon exams, likely in the faculty room as well (TBA).

26 Finally 1. Put your Student Pack on top of your Answer Sheet, and place both in your folder face up. 2. Hand in filled Folder in alphabetical order; it will be returned to you at your first exam. 3. Hand in Index Card separately. 1. Do not put your index card in your folder. 4. Take your AP Bulletin home with you. 5. Thanks and good luck on your exams! 1. Check that all of the information provided is correct. 2. Are there any questions?

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