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Initial ideas for my music magazine Brogan Money.

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1 Initial ideas for my music magazine Brogan Money

2 The aim of this presentation is to understand what my peers want to see in a magazine and to see what i want to base my own music magazine on and what i want to include it. I will choose three options that i can base my the genre on the magazine. these will be genres that i am moderately comfortable with and interested in. as a conclusion i, however, will choose my best magazine genre. Doing all this it will benefit me when coming to designing my own magazine to understand what i need to include and aiming to my target audience. Below i have chosen the three genres that i an going to analyse the magazine and see the target audience and look at the strengths and weakness and see if it benefits me that music genre as if i feel comfortable basing my own magazine for example on a rock magazine. Aim/Purpose

3 Idea One My first Idea was to create an RnB magazine, basing the magazine on ‘Vibe’ magazine it would include world famous artists, rappers, singers and songwriters. For example: Rihanna, Eminem and Nicki Minaj. The artist featured would be known by the target audience Where they would find these artists on the music channels and could be new upcoming artists for example Nicki Minaj, using these artists would appeal to the target audience. I think to include in my own magazine that would relate to the target audience and what ‘Vibe’ would include would be an interview as its more personal and teenagers buying the magazine would look up to there idols and want to know more about them. When designing my RnB magazine, I would look at issues of ‘Vibe’ to help influence me, it would have a sense of professionalism, class on show on the front cover, however if featuring a fun bubbly artist still keeping with professionalism but maybe using bright colors, which ’Vibe’ hasn’t got a set theme of colors which is good and flexible to when designing my own magazine. So with a fin bubbly artist like Nicki Minaj Vibe actually used a pink and girly theme, however with Eminem featuring on the cover they used a very monotone and bold color scheme. Possible title: Beat, Rap, Sound, Heat, Class.

4 Idea Two This magazine I have based my second idea on is ‘Rap- Up’ which is more Hip- Hop and Pop magazine. I say pop as the front cover it mentions Leona Lewis who is a pop artist who was in the charts. This magazine I feel would have a younger target audience as many of the artists mentioned songs would be in films for example Flo Rida in Step up 2. I think the theme of the magazine would be bright and colorful to appeal and to be eye catching to the target audience. From the front cover we see the main image takes up most of the space and less writing so this may indicate if I chose this genre of magazine to use less writing as the audience many lose interest. The magazines front cover seems very simple and straight forward which may help me when designing mine and furthermore the magazine has used an indication and a simple list of the artists that going to be featured which is very simple for the targeted audience, the consumers. They have also used a variety of colors on the front cover which relate to the models reinforcing that the issue is about them. Possible titles: Lyrics, Tune, Sway, Pop and Turn.

5 Idea Three My final idea was to design a rock magazine like ‘Kerrang’. from the front cover we see it is very full packed and busy showing artists like: You Me At Six, Enter Shikari and other rock bands known world wide. The main artist featured is in the middle bold, and takes up most of the pages space. This may appeal to the target audience as they might be very popular in that type of music. The magazine would include upcoming artists like : The Blackout, Sleeping in Sirens and We Are The Ocean. Bands that are popular within there fan base and suit Kerrangs genre of music being rock. Possible titles: Rock, Bang, Bam, Shock, Loud.

6 Evaluation Overall I chose my first idea as I think I would feel the most comfortable with this and more interested in that genre of music. With this initial ideas I have gained an insight of the overall presentation of Vibe magazine and what to look for with my further research when it comes to me designing my own magazine based on an RnB magazine. To carry on for my magazine analysis I would have to go further in and find out what vibe readers would like to see in my magazine and the layout and colour scheme have to have some relation so it would catch people who would normally buy an Vibe magazine. Straight away from the research I have conducted on Vibe magazine many ideas for my own magazine have risen for example : basing it on Nicki Minaj as she is anew upcoming artist, popular artist already and in the charts at the moment. However her front cover is very girly with the colours used I have also researched a Vibe front cover with T.I which is suited for both males and females with the colour scheme used.

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