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Your friendly travel agency based in Williamstown, KY.

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1 Your friendly travel agency based in Williamstown, KY

2  Our company has some of the finest trained researchers in the world.  They research all the details that matter to you when traveling abroad.  For an extra personal touch our researchers will present their findings to you personally.  Pay attention because you will want to ask questions and they will be asking questions of you.

3  Geography  Economy  Government  Culture With these items smart travelers can make informed decisions about where to go.

4  They will create a Power Point with all the pertinent facts. (10 points)  There will be a title page with the name of the country and the researcher’s name.  There will be title pages for the four major research areas. These are geography, economy, government, and culture.  There will be plenty of pictures.  Fonts will be 20 or larger so it is easy to read.  Colorful but easy to see.  And they will cite their sources in case you wish to check on their work.

5  There will be a slide and period of time for the audience to ask questions.  The researcher will have 5 questions about his/her presentation which audience members will answer and turn in.

6  Geography (20 points)  Size of country, types of landforms or terrain (water bodies, oceans, beaches, mountains, rivers, and anything else you discover).  Bordering countries  Capital and map of the country  Environmental issues  Climate in the country. What type of weather at what times of the year. (gotta know what clothes to pack)  Fun facts our researchers are able to find.

7  Economy (20 points)  Natural Resources  Current news about the country’s economy.  Imports and Exports  Currency and conversion of currency to US Dollars  Examples of some of the things you may be able to buy while on vacation. Are there any odd forms of transportation there? (pictures or real life items)

8  Government (20 points)  What type of government do they have? Who runs the government?  Explain the government (executive, legislative, and judicial).  Research the flag, national song and bird.  Additional items related to the government you may need to know when traveling.

9  Culture (20 points)  Ethnic groups as a percent of the population  Total population  Birth rate and death rate  List / graph of the types of religions found there  List / graph the languages spoken in the county  History and historical sites  Literacy rates  Artifacts, foods, clothes or other items of interest (can be pictures or real life items)

10  How well did our researchers present their findings? (10 points)  Did they have good questions for you to think about?  Hopefully you will test the researchers knowledge as well by asking them questions about the country.

11  World Fact Book World Fact Book         Travel and Tourism websites developed by the country you are researching.

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