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Mrs. Korintus Science Room 306. Class Rules Be on time. Please be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings.

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1 Mrs. Korintus Science Room 306

2 Class Rules Be on time. Please be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings.

3 Class Rules Be prepared for every class. In order to be prepared for class, you must have your covered textbook, science notebook, homework, and at least one pen or pencil.

4 Class Rules Respect all people, animals and property in the science lab. Please do not handle any displays, models, or other objects in the classroom without first asking permission.

5 Class Rules Because this is a science classroom, no food or drink is allowed.

6 Class Rules Absolutely no chewing gum is allowed in the classroom

7 Lab Safety All students must sign and return the district’s lab safety contract. The safety contract can be found on my e- board.

8 Lab Safety All students must pass the district’s lab safety test.

9 Lab Safety Chewing gum, food, or drinks of any kind are prohibited in the science lab.

10 Lab Safety All lab safety rules and directions must be followed at all times Failure to behave in a safe manner will result in consequences including loss of credit, parent conference and/or other.

11 Course Description Seventh-grade science includes units in astronomy, physical science, and life science.

12 Course Description Through a variety of approaches including research, observations, laboratory activities and the use of technology, you will continue to develop the process skills necessary to succeed as a student and a citizen.

13 Textbooks We will be using five textbooks throughout the semester.

14 Textbooks You are responsible for covering each textbook, and keeping it in good shape. Loss or damage will result in a fine.

15 Textbooks We will be using the McGraw-Hill Glencoe 2005 Series of textbooks. McGraw-Hill Glencoe 2005 Series Check the Websites tab on my School Wires for links to the textbooks and related sites.

16 Supplies You will need a science notebook. A 100-page spiral or composition notebook, is highly recommended.

17 Supplies A 2-pocket folder will also come in handy.

18 Supplies Other – calculators are used periodically; the one you have for math is fine. Please be prepared to bring your calculator to class when required.

19 Supplies Highlighters, red pens, and markers will also be used. You may bring your own or use mine.

20 Daily Routine When you come into the classroom, take out any homework assignments; homework will be reviewed at the start of class the following day.

21 Daily Routine If necessary, sharpen pencils before the bell rings. All work should be done in pencil or black or blue ink only.

22 Daily Routine There will be a Do Now question on the board everyday. Copy the Do Now question into your notebook and complete the Do Now task daily. Remember to date each and every entry in your notebook.

23 Daily Routine There will be one or more vocabulary words on the board every day. Copy the word and write the definition. Vocabulary quiz weekly

24 Daily Routine Copy the homework assignment into your planner. The homework assignment can be found on the whiteboard in front of the room, and on my School Wires. School Wires

25 Daily Routine If you are absent for any reason such as illness, band, or G&T:

26 Daily Routine Check with a classmate for any missing Do Nows and vocabulary terms. Check the Class Notebook for missing assignments.

27 Daily Routine Check the Make-up Work folder for handouts. Check my School Wires for missing assignments, notes and projects.

28 Daily Routine Place any make-up work due in the Make-up Work folder.

29 Grading Please put your FULL NAME, date, and block on all assignments. Loss of credit may result if you forget to write your name on an assignment.

30 Grading 33% - Tests and other major assessments 34% - Classwork, quizzes, labs, other minor assessments 33% - Homework

31 Grading All tests will be taken home and signed by a parent/guardian, regardless of grade earned.

32 Grading You can check your progress by logging onto the Genesis website. Genesis

33 Need Help? I am available for help during homeroom and lunch with advance notice. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like extra help.

34 Need Help? Remember to check the School Wires on the AMS website for homework assignments, information on projects, and helpful websitesAMS

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