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Website Evaluation Don’t Listen to the “Village Idiot”

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1 Website Evaluation Don’t Listen to the “Village Idiot”

2 Is a website created by this individual a reliable source of research? True story… A group of students submitted an American Revolution project based on a website grade 5 students created.

3 Definition: 1.capable of being believed; believable: a credible statement. 2.worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy: a credible witness. Credibility is important! ▫If your research is flawed, so is your argument. ▫If you use credible sources, you can believe them, and your readers can believe you. Word of the Day: Credibility

4  Most books you find in library nonfiction are credible.  Most large newspapers are credible. ◦ Vancouver Sun ◦ The Province ◦ Squamish Chief  Scholarly journals are usually credible. ◦ JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association)  Most government publications are credible.  Reputable organizations are usually credible. ◦ Canadian Cancer Society ◦ World Health Organization ◦ Canadian Red Cross  Most information from colleges is credible.  Information from a database is usually credible.  Ebsco or Gale, found on the library website. How do I know if my sources are credible?

5 You can automatically rule out: ▫Wikipedia ▫Instagram ▫Blogs ▫Twitter ▫Personal sites (Facebook) How do I know if my sources are credible?

6 The internet offers the BEST information on MANY topics. The internet offers the WORST information on MOST topics. Using the Internet for Research

7 Ways to tell a credible internet source: ▫Looks professional  The website doesn’t look like it was made by a 4- year-old with a crayon  All or most links are working ▫Information offered is easy to verify  The website offers links to where they found their information  The sources of their information are also credible Credible Internet Sources

8 ▫It is easy to contact the owners of the website for more information or to ask questions ▫The site is up to date  Information from 1991 is not listed as “recent” ▫There are no errors  The site uses proper spelling and grammar ▫The website is appropriate  There is no inappropriate language, graphics, or photos Credible Internet Sources

9 These guidelines are not 100% When in doubt, ask for help from a teacher or librarian If you’re still not sure, DON’T use it Companies can pay Google to have their website within the top 10 hits. Be careful sites ▫ sites are trying to sell something, which means they are all biased in some way ▫Sites with lots of advertisements are usually less credible Credible Internet Sources

10  Is much easier to spot than it used to be  Could make you ineligible for scholarships in Grade 12  Could get you expelled from a university or college  Doesn’t take very long for a teacher to check ◦ A teacher can type 10 words of your paper into a search engine, and within seconds, compare it to tens of thousands of other papers that have already been written  Is easy to avoid ◦ EasyBib ◦ MLA Notetaking Sheets Plagiarism

11 Credibility in ACTION This one?Or this one? Republic of Molossia Elephant Butte Velcro Companies California’s Velcro /velcro.html Dog Island Doggie Playland

12 Using Easy Bib-

13 Easy Bib to create a Works Cited Book entries should look like…

14 Easy Bib to Create a Works Cited Website entries should look like…

15 Your Works Cited should look like this! NOT- A LIST OF WEBSITE LINKS!!!!

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