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Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Mrs. Munnier Literature 8.

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1 Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Mrs. Munnier Literature 8

2 What is Fiction? Fiction is a story that is not real. Picture books Chapter books Comics Story books

3 Genres of Fiction Mystery (Nancy Drew)Nancy Drew Horror (Goosebumps)Goosebumps Fantasy (Harry Potter)Harry Potter Science-fiction (Star Wars)Star Wars Myths, Fairytales, Legends (Cinderella)Cinderella Historical Fiction (Letters from Rifka)Letters from Rifka

4 What is Non-Fiction? Text that is TRUE and based on REAL information Forms of Non-Fiction Text: NewspapersDictionaries EncyclopediasScholastic News TextbooksMagazines Non-Fiction Books

5 Features of Fiction Characters Setting Problem/solution Beginning, Middle, and End Drawings or cartoons

6 Features of Non-Fiction Table of Contents Glossary Index Headings Bold Print Photographs/Real Pictures Charts, Graphs, and Maps Captions Fact and Opinion

7 Characters The people, animals, or things in the story.

8 Setting Where the story takes place. It could be a real place or an imaginary place.

9 Table of Contents It tells you what is in the book It tells you the heading and the page number It is found in the front Table of Contents What is Fiction? Page 1 What is Non-Fiction? Page 3 Features of Non-Fiction Page 5 Forms of Non-Fiction Page 10 1. I can learn about the Features of Non-Fiction on page: a. 1b. 4c. 5

10 Glossary It gives you a word and its definition It is in alphabetical order The important words are in bold print Usually found in the back of the text

11 Index A list in alphabetical order of common important words or topics with page numbers Found in the back of the text True or False: 2. Topics found in the index can appear on more than one page in the text. TRUE FALSE

12 Headings They tell us what the new topic is about Found at the top of the page or at the beginning of a new topic

13 Bold Print The print will be thicker and darker than other words Found throughout the text “This is a presentation on the features of fiction and non-fiction. If this were a non- fiction book, you could go to the Glossary to find the meanings of the words that are in Bold Print.” 3. Which of the following words in the above paragraph are in bold print? a. fiction b. featuresc. Glossary

14 Photographs/Real Pictures They are real pictures or photographs, not drawings or cartoons. Found throughout the text

15 Charts, Graphs, and Maps Illustrations of important information Found throughout the text

16 Captions A caption explains what a picture, chart, graph, or map is about. Captions are found near a picture, chart, graph, or maps This is an image of a monarch caterpillar taken at a butterfly garden in Florida. Example of a caption:

17 Fact & Opinion A fact is a true statement. An opinion is something that someone thinks. 4. Fact or opinion? Mrs. Craven’s room is on the second floor.

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