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Global Conflicts and their Consequences By Chris and Yimaj.

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1 Global Conflicts and their Consequences By Chris and Yimaj

2 WW2 Power Shift ●World left with two major superpowers after WW2 ●Nuclear Arms Race, Space race ●World Bank; Different ideas of rebuilding Europe

3 Capitalism vs Communism ●After WW2 Soviets influenced other countries in eastern Europe and Asia to convert to communism ●US policy to “contain” communism: Truman Doctrine / Marshall Plan

4 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Military alliance introduced in 1949 by United States, Canada, and several Western European nations. Provided security from the Soviet Union. Formed due to events in Germany and the Berlin Crisis. Aimed to protect physical and political security. NATO is important because it defended countries from the Soviet Union, taking control of their nation.

5 Warsaw Pact Warsaw Pact emerged in 1955 as a defensive treaty among eight communist(Poland, USSR, Finland, East Germany, etc.) countries during the Cold War. It was a response to the Western powers’ decision to allow West Germany to rearm within limits set by NATO. It didn’t impact the Cold War as much, but still united Communists against the threat of Capitalism in Europe.

6 Proxy Wars A Proxy War is a war that is started by one state who no longer involves themselves in the conflict. The Wars occurred in the Cold War because the U.S. and Soviet Union (and partially China) were nuclear-armed, but did not want to directly fight each other because it could escalate to a nuclear war. Proxy wars that occurred in the Cold War were the Greek Civil War, Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, and the Lebanese Civil War.

7 Why this is important Atomic and nuclear warfare meant war could destroy the entire human species, every decision and reaction matters Constant competition led to faster innovation and progression in science and tech (military too) Military alliances helped divide groups and showed interests in world affairs.

8 Bibliography soviet-union.html The Earth and It’s People: A Global History Part 2

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