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Church Reform and the Crusades Chapter 14 Section 1.

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1 Church Reform and the Crusades Chapter 14 Section 1

2 VOCAB Simony Urban II Crusade Saladin Richard Lionhearted Reconquista Inquisition

3 The Age of Faith Problems in the Church: ▫Some priests were illiterate; lacked moral character ▫Church reformers were distressed by 3 main issues  1) Many village priests were getting married  2) Bishops sold positions in the Church, simony  3) lay investiture gave kings power to appoint bishops

4 The Age of Faith New Religious Orders ▫1200’s wandering friars traveled from place to place spreading Christianity ▫Like monks they lived a life of poverty and survived by begging ▫These friars were vital to the religious revival of Christianity in the Middle Ages.

5 The Crusades 1093 the Byzantine Emperor called for help against the Muslim Turks to protect his city Council of Clermont 1095: ▫Pope Urban II issued a “holy war” or Crusade to gain control over the Holy Land ▫Over the next 300 years thousands of lives would be sacrificed in the name of the “Holy Land”

6 The Crusades Goals of the Crusades: ▫Economic; social; political and spiritual ▫Pope wants to reclaim Palestine (Holy Land) and protect the Byzantine Empire ▫In later crusades a great deal of money was to be made helping to finance the long journey and gaining valuable trade routes to India, Southeast Asia, and China

7 The Crusades 1 st Crusade 1099: ▫Pope Urban II exclaimed all who died on the Crusade were assured a place in heaven ▫Sparked religious zeal and men flocked to the crusades ▫Crusade lead mostly by French knights  5 weeks to control Jerusalem  Horrible massacre of the inhabitants: men, women, and children (excerpt)


9 The Crusades 2 nd Crusade: ▫After 1 st Crusade Christians est. crusader kingdoms in the area---surrounded by hostile Muslims ▫1144 fall of one of the those kingdoms called for a new crusade ▫Saint Bernard of Clairvaux called to fight the Muslims again—epic failure ▫1187 a Muslim warrior Saladin had retaken Jerusalem for the Muslims

10 The Crusades The 3 rd Crusade: ▫Christians led by three powerful monarchs  Phillip II (France); Fredrick I (Germany); Richard the Lion-Hearted (England) ▫Richard only one to reach the Holy Land ▫After many battles ending in a stalemate the two called a truce  Saladin promised that unarmed Christian pilgrims could freely visit the city’s holy places

11 The Spanish Crusade Reconquista: ▫Spanish effort to drive the Muslims out of Spain  1492 Spanish monarchs push the last of the Muslims out of Spain Spanish Inquisition: (late 1400s) ▫Effort to unify Spain under Christianity ▫All heretics were sought out, tortured and killed \  What is a heretic???

12 Effects of the Crusades Crusades are an example of the churches power in the Middle Ages ▫Convinced thousands of men to leave their home and travel to far away lands Europe expanded trade with Asia, helped both Christians and Muslims The power of kings rose greatly after the Crusades Muslims are left with legacy of hatred toward Christians

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