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Portal Features and Quick Guide to Registering your Account.

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1 Portal Features and Quick Guide to Registering your Account

2  This guide provides you with information for: ◦ Registering your new Account ◦ Returning to Compass to Access your Account ◦ Features of the Compass Portal ◦ eCommerce Support Information 2


4 To get started Simply login to Compass, self-register and create your own account. To Register Please Go To:  To Create a new Account for Portal Access, type in your College or University e-mail Address  Enter the Security Key: MNSCU55101  Click Find Account 4 Please Note: The Security Key is Required to create and access a new account.

5 Next, You will be asked to set a unique password. Unique passwords must have 8 alphanumeric characters with an upper and lower case and include a number. Set a unique security question and birth date so you can reset your password independently if you should forget it in the future. For additional support to access your account, please contact or 5

6 For Technical Assistance or Support Accessing your Compass Account, Please Contact eCommerce Online Support Desk: or On Return Visits, Go To: You may want to Bookmark this page Returning Users Self Registration 6


8 Click on the Airport link in your Active Trip for Weather Information Check information about Flights and Schedules Contact Details for Reservation and Online Technical Support Company Announcements and Alerts from Travel Leaders Quick Links to Travel Planning and Company Program Resources HOME PAGE 8

9 The ‘Travel Planning’ Page provides the Employee links to Industry Resources and Important Information for Travel Assistance. The ‘Quick Links’ Tool Box provides instant access to Company FAQs and University Resources. 9

10 By Selecting the ‘Book Travel’ Tab, Travelers will have access to book travel through the Compass, Online Booking Tool. NOTE: If you have not created your Compass Online Booking Tool Account, please refer to the Business Travel Guide for Steps to Creating a New Account. 10

11 -11- As an Added benefit to MNSCU, Travel Leaders offers all Employees and Students the opportunity to take advantage of Exclusive Vacation Specials through the Travel Leaders Vacation Club (TLVC) Program. Click on the ‘Vacations’ Tab to View Vacation News and View, Review Top Vacation Specials or Search for your perfect Vacation Destination.


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