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Interest Groups Chapter 18. Purpose: Communicate “wants” to government leaders – influence public policy 1.Share common goals and organize to influence.

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1 Interest Groups Chapter 18

2 Purpose: Communicate “wants” to government leaders – influence public policy 1.Share common goals and organize to influence government 2.Address specific problems or issues in society 3.Unite like-minded people from all over the country 4.Derive strength in numbers Government will respond better to large groups than individuals They have access to more money Organization Defining Interest Groups

3 Why Join? Economic interests Individual beliefs, values, or attitudes (political ideology) Non-political (social) Upper income levels Who is looking out for the rest of us? Who Joins?

4 Types of Interest Groups Business and Labor (AFL-CIO, National Association of Manufacturers, United Mine Workers) Agricultural Groups (NFU – National Farmers’ Union) Others Professional (ABA), Environmental (Sierra Club, Greenpeace), Public Interest (Common Cause), Government

5 How does an Interest Group influence Policy Generating Public Pressure – trying to influence the government by using public opinion on an issue Hiring professional LobbyistsLobbyists Using Constituents as Lobbyists (letter- writing campaigns) Media Campaign Building Alliances – forming partnerships with groups who share a policy goal

6 Limitations of Interest Groups Different groups have different, sometimes conflicting goals Larger Interest Groups have more diverse interests Smaller Interest Groups have more narrow goals Laws to avoid corruption

7 Interest Groups: The Positive Individual citizens can influence government beyond just voting Increase the interest and participation of voters Gives minority groups access to all branches of the government Continued expansion of interest groups is expected

8 Interest Groups: The Negative Power of interest groups greater than ever before Raise and spend large sums of money to support candidates and parties, This support buys access and the internet is a great tool for rallying the troops Also provide endorsements to candidates during campaigns: ____________________ Open Secrets

9 Major Special Interest Groups National Association for the Advancement of Colored People http://www.naacp.org American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organization http://www.aflcio.org American Medical Association National Education Association

10 Influencing Public Policy Lobbyists What is lobbying? Direct contact with lawmakers or government leaders What is a lobbyist? Representative of an interest group Therefore serves as direct influence by an Interest Group

11 Who is a Lobbyist? Individual paid by an interest group By law, must register with Congress By law, must file reports to disclose activities By law, must estimate salary from the group they represent Revolving Door: Many lobbyists are former government officials

12 What Does a Lobbyist Do? Meets with Congressmen and women Provide reports, statistics, and other relevant information Testify before congressional committees during hearings or investigations Help members of Congress draft bills

13 Stuff I forgot to explain Cloture-means to bring an end to floor debate. It is used to stop a filibuster in the Senate. (No cloture rule in the House) But cloture is rarely used because it takes a 3/5 vote of the Senate to invoke cloture, which is hard to get.

14 AARP – American Association of Retired People* Christian Coalition* NARAL – National Abortion Rights Action League* ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union* Club for Growth NEA - National Education Association* Council on American-Islamic Relations National Resources Defense Council ABA - American Bar Association* Emily’s List NOW – National Organization of Women* American Conservative Union Environmental Defense Fund NRA – National Rifle Association American Farm Bureau Family Research Council PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals AIPAC - American Israel Public Affairs Committee Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence - previously known as Handgun Control, Inc. Public Citizen* AMA - American Medical Association* Sierra Club ATLA - Association of Trial Lawyers of America NAACP – National Association of Colored People* US Chamber of Commerce The Business Roundtable AFL-CIO – American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations* NAM - National Association of Manufacturers* Veterans of Foreign Wars* Planned Parenthood ASPCA – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals National Wildlife Federation MADD – Mothers against Drunk Driving American Association of People with Disabilities GLAD - Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders League of Women Voters National Immigration Forum Lulac

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