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Class Introduction & Expectations J.Benoit. Textbook and Resources Course Website:

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1 Class Introduction & Expectations J.Benoit

2 Textbook and Resources Course Website: –Check the website regularly for homework, missed work, due dates and any other important information. Library Website & Ebsco: (ebsco username: auburn password: eagles)

3 Missed Work Students are responsible for all class notes, lecture material and assignments. In the event of an absence (excused or otherwise), you must obtain missed notes from the class website or another student. –Copies of all missed handouts and assignments will be made available (these can be found in the red folders at the front of the class – one folder for each day of the week). –If you need clarification of missed work attend the next available extra help session It is YOUR responsibility to collect missed work!

4 Late Work All assignments are expected to be passed in at the beginning of the period for which they are assigned. Anything passed in after this point will be considered late. A final deadline, one week after the due date, will apply to all assignments. The assignments will not be accepted after the deadline has passed. Late assignments will also not be accepted unless they are accompanied by the yellow late assignment form, which needs to be signed by the student, teacher and parents/guardians. Assignments will be accepted for a grade after they have been returned to the class. They will however, be accepted for feedback.

5 Quizzes and Tests Quizzes and tests give you the opportunity to pull together all of your knowledge concerning the material we have studied – but you must prepare for them. Tests and quizzes will be announced well in advance both in-class and on the course website. They are not optional, and you are required to write them on the day they are given. There will be no re-writes.

6 Quizzes and Tests (cont’d) If a test or quiz is missed… during an excused absence, you will be required to make it up on the day of your return. This is your responsibility. If you do not make such arrangements with me, a grade of zero will be assigned. You must also provide me with a note from your parents/guardians. –If you do not provide me with a note to indicate the absence was excused, you will receive a grade of zero.

7 Every Monday and Thursday at lunch. If you are unable to make one of these time slots you must arrange another time with me. Extra Help

8 Plagiarism Be smart and be careful when completing assignments. Plagiarism will result in: –a mark of zero –a phone call home –a possible referral to administration

9 Evaluation Unit One: Structure & Motion30% Unit Two: Coastal Zones20% Unit Three: Marine Biome30% Unit Four: Fisheries & Aquaculture20% Class Mark: 70% Final Exam: 30%

10 Classroom Expectations Preparedness Participation Respect Washroom / Water Breaks MP3s, iPods, etc. Language Food / Drink Cell Phones Hats Attendance Exam Exemption

11 Preparedness Come prepared! Arrive to class on time, in your assigned desk, before the final bell rings. When the bell rings, open up your binder and have all necessary materials (paper, pen, pencil, etc.) with you.

12 Participation Class discussion and group participation will be an essential part of this course. Each student is expected to participate in class discussions and to respect the opinions of others (both students and teacher). A mature attitude and a consistent effort are expected.

13 Respect All students are expected to show respect for those around them. You will not have to agree with your classmates on all issues, but you will have to treat them with respect. Students are expected to stay on task at all times. Talking at inappropriate times is unacceptable. Students should raise their hands if they have questions. Rudeness, fooling around or any other juvenile behaviours are neither welcome nor tolerated.

14 Washroom / Water Breaks The appropriate times to use the washroom or to get a drink are before school, between classes, at lunch, and after school. Our class time together is limited and we must make the most of it; do not ask to leave unless it is absolutely urgent. Students are not permitted to use the washroom during the first or last 15 minutes of class. Do not bother asking during these times.

15 MP3s, iPods, etc. MP3 players, iPods or any similar electronic devices (including earphones) are to be put away before class begins. If there is a time in class when they are permitted, I will let you know. They will usually be permitted during individual work ( I should never be able to hear the music)

16 Language Condescending, intimidating or foul language will not be tolerated. This includes written, spoken, gestured or implied communication.

17 Food and Drink Students are not permitted to bring food or drink into the classroom, with the exception of water. You must finish it before class, or leave it at the front of my room.

18 Cell Phones Cell phones are NOT to be used in the classroom!! If there is a time in class when they are permitted, I will let you know. Cell phones may be used during non-instructional time (before school, between classes, lunch & after school) in the hallways, cafeteria & outside. If one is seen or heard, it will be confiscated and turned into the office. If you do not hand over your cell phone when asked, a referral will be sent to the office.

19 Hats Hats are NOT EVER permitted to be worn in the classroom. Please remove them before you enter the classroom. You will only be asked once to remove the hat. If I have to ask you to remove it a second time I will take the hat until the end of class. If you make me ask twice the next day I will take then hat until the end of the day.

20 Daily Attendance Daily attendance is vital to this course. –Being successful starts with being in class, on time. –Class will be dismissed by the teacher, not the bell. Remain in your seats, working until this time.

21 Lates If you are late for class, knock once and wait quietly for me to let you in. When you are late, you will be required to serve a ten minute detention at lunch. If you are more than 20 minutes late, you will be marked absent. If you are chronically late, you will be referred to administration.

22 Absences Students who are absent from class must provide a note from their parent / guardian to the office in order to have their absence registered as excused. Absences will be dealt with as follows: –At 5 absences: teacher phones parent/guardian –At 8 absences: teacher contacts parent/guardian & referral to VP –At 10 absences: a parent/teacher/student/VP meeting –At 14 absences: registered letter sent to parent/guardian indicating the danger of not qualifying for credit –At 20 absences: student may lose credit

23 Exam Exemption To be eligible: A student shall not have ANY unexcused absences. A student shall not accumulate any more than 6 excused absences in any course. A student shall not accumulate any more than 4 lates in any course.

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