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1 Nigel Makins EUROCONTROL
Turning research into real systems The role of Validation and the E-OCVM Nigel Makins EUROCONTROL

2 ‘Are we building the right system’
Overview Overview of European R&D structure Overview of European R&D Validation methodology Key areas that R&D needs to address in order to turn research into reality Scope is ATM Research & Development Its about ensuring that research supports procurement Its about using research to answer the stakeholders question ‘Are we building the right system’

3 Europe Eurocontrol (38) EU (27) ECAC (42) XX IS FI Massive expansion of European Union (EU) and EUROCONTROL in 90’s EU expands to 27 members - able now to make law and set rules and mandates Single European Sky (SES) initiative to re-organise European Air Traffic Management 2004 – SES ATM Research (SESAR) programme start – with Definition phase Definition phase sets out working methods incl Validation. 2008 – SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) formed to manage the 2.1 billion Euro Development phase of SESAR RU NO SE Nov 9th 1989 EE LV DK LT IE BY KZ GB NL PL BE DE UA LU CZ SK MD AT FR CH HU RO GE SI AZ HR AM BA SR BG IR IT CG PT ES MK TR AL GR IQ SY CY DZ MA TN MT

4 SESAR Joint Undertaking
SESAR – R&D 2005 2010 2015 2020 Definition SESAR Phases Development Deployment SESAR Joint Undertaking Implementation Development work ATM System 2005 2010 2015 2020

5 3 Implementation Packages
SESAR Implementation 3 Implementation Packages 2009 2013 2017 2020 2025 IP1 IP2 IP3 Each individual Air Traffic Service Provider (ANSP) will manage own procurement to comply with SESAR expectations EUROCONROL 38 member states of which 27 EU. Need clear processes. Validation methodology one of those processes Now embedded in SESAR System Engineering Methodology

6 From a dream to reality The dream!
Research determines the new transport capability (elephant) To build that dream many ‘specialists’ are needed Different ‘specialists’ describe the various parts of this new system so that it can be built

7 The build Result of not having a shared vision !!
a collection of parts R&D must build a shared vision of the future. This is what the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology sets out to do.

8 Validation during R&D European methodology is based on the belief that stakeholder’s must be consulted through the R&D phases Only way to get agreement about are we building the right system The concept will change as it develops Validation criteria not easy to determine during these phases Validation during research and early development is an iterative consultation process to build a shared vision.

9 European Ops Concept Validation Methodology - E-OCVM
Three parts to the methodology Lifecycle Structured Planning checklist Cases. Following slides more detail on each part

10 1 - Life cycle This life cycle has been adopted
R&D E-OCVM Scope De-commissioning Deployment Performance needs Industrialisation Operations V0 V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7 Scope Feasibility Integration This life cycle has been adopted by SESAR Master Planning

11 2 - Structured Planning Acts as a check list of what to do
Provides structure to contracts for validation projects Applied to each R&D phase V0 V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7

12 Performance driven Understand the problem Understand the solution
What is stopping the current system from delivering better performance Understand the solution What is the performance expectation What is the benefit mechanism How can improvements be measured Create a strategy to develop and test the solution Ensure show-stopping issues identified early e.g. need for; Technical standards Safety regulatory tests SARPS (ICAO Operational procedures)

13 Learning from research
Concept description Re-consider solution Validation strategy Revisit strategy Exercise objectives Revisit exercise plan Results Exercise Results as expected? Feedback from research is essential to ensure we get what we expect

14 Human Performance Case
3 - Cases Packaging the evidence to support stakeholders decisions Standards Case Regulations Case Safety Case (for R&D) Human Performance Case Environmental Case Safety Case Business Case R&D E-OCVM Scope De-commission V0 V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7 Scope Feasibility Performance needs Integration Industrialisation Deployment Operations

15 A process Three parts A process that follows the lifecycle phases
Performance driven Interactive with stakeholders & Evidence dependant

16 Interface with SESAR Industrial partners
E-OCVM V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 End of V3 = TRL 6 End of V5 = TRL 8 Procedures deployed Ops Procedure & Requirements draft Procedures approved Concept, scope Mature procedures Costs, benefits and performance Mock-up simulation First dev. std Function certified Certif. dev. std prototypes 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 NASA TRL R & D phases Development phases In service phase

17 Regulations to standards
Community specifications are standards or specifications covering technical and operational issue. They are Fundamental to building the system described during R&D, & Important aspect of the R&D validation strategy

18 Community Specifications.
Standards milestones OSED - Ops Services &Environment description - key document linking concept to technical description Safety & Performance requirements Interoperability requirements Community Specifications. Origin of SPR and INTEROP in 90s SPR is based on an operational perspective, acceptable safety and performance SPRs and INTEROPs cover three components of system = AOC, ATM and aircraft MOPS is the airplane standard INTEROP is technology oriented – can have multiple INTEROPs for one SPR. INTEROP can replace the MOPS (the aircraft portion of the INTEROP) if it has all the test procedures needed in a MOPS SPR is global and only used in its entirety when making a total system change may obviate a MASPS or MOPS if no specific technology being proposed – only need a MASPS or MOPS if trying to certify a specific technology and need a technology-specific standard advice on OSED writing (noting that it is part of the SPR) don’t spend too much time on the Environmental Conditions focus on OSA (Operational Safety Analysis) and OPA (Operational Performance Assessment) start SPR as soon as possible since OSED is not complete till SPR is done since OSED might give manufacturers a false sense that they have all they need from an OSED ICAO Standards & recommended practices Minimum operational performance standards

19 Turning research into reality by building consensus
Building a shared vision based on evidence is critical in turning research into reality. Validation during R&D is getting buy-in from key stakeholders operational staff, airspace users, technology supply industry, regulators Making sure ‘we are building the right system’

20 Questions For info. google search word e-ocvm

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