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Metamorphic Rocks.

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1 Metamorphic Rocks

2 “Metamorphic” “Metamorphic” means Change! Biochemical Limestone Marble

3 Metamorphic Rock Sources
Metamorphic rocks are formed when: 1.Igneous 2. Sedimentary or 3. Pre-existing Metamorphic rocks are changed

4 Metamorphic Rock Classification
Metamorphic Rocks are classified based on: 1. Formation Conditions (where formed) 2. Texture 3. Parent Rock (what rock, or rock type, it came from) Quartzite- Fine Grained Gneiss- Foliated

5 Common Metamorphic Rocks
Rock Name Parent Rock Slate Shale or Mud Mica Gneiss Granite Quartzite Sandstone Marble Limestone

6 Temp C Temp F Coal Limestone Sandstone Basalt Shale Index Minerals Lignite Bituminous 500 Anthracite 300 600 Graphite Marble Slate Chlorite 700 Greenstone 800 Quartzite Phyllite Biotite 900 Schist Garnet 1000 Amphibolite Staurolite 1100 Gneiss Kyanite 1200 Sillimanite Melting Begins

7 Slate

8 Mica

9 Gneiss

10 Quartzite

11 Marble

12 Schist

13 What Causes Metamorphic Rocks to Form?
Metamorphic Rocks are formed when preexisting rocks are changed by: Heat Pressure And

14 Sources of Heat Increase in Temperature due to Deep Burial (20-30 degrees Celsius per kilometer below the surface). Due to radioactive decay.----Regional- Metamorphism Increase in Temperature due to Plate Friction ( degree Celsius per km below the surface) Dynamic Metamorphism Intrusion by hot Magma. ----Contact Metamorphism

15 Sources of Pressure Weight of Overlying Rocks (1 cubic foot of granite weighs 167 pounds) Created by converging plates (Converging- Boundaries) or those Transform Boundaries (side-by-side movement)

16 Effects of Metamorphism on Rocks
Impurities such as holes and fossils destroyed.

17 Effects of Metamorphism on Rocks
Pore Space between grains is lost due to Compression. Rock density increases.

18 Effects of Metamorphism on Rocks
Mineral Grains are flattened, enlarged and elongated.

19 Types of Metamorphism

20 Regional Metamorphism

21 Regional Metamorphism
Occurs in large areas. Occurs in response to deep burial by large areas of rock. Occurs with Mountain Building (Collision Boundary).

22 Regional Metamorphism

23 Regional Metamorphism

24 Increasing metamorphic grade
Foliated Metamorphic Rocks Increasing metamorphic grade Increasing foliation phyllite schist gneiss migmatite slate (partially melted) (low grade) (high grade)

25 Dynamic Metamorphism Occurs between moving plates (very localized and happens quickly).

26 Thermal or Contact Metamorphism
Occurs when rock comes into contact with Magma or hot Pore Fluids (Geysers and Hot Springs).

27 Thermal or Contact Metamorphism

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