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Kindergarten Sight Words. little Do you see the little white dog?

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1 Kindergarten Sight Words

2 little Do you see the little white dog?

3 there There are many great books at the library!

4 have Sometimes we have eggs for dinner.

5 said Mrs. Kist said “Good morning class!”

6 as As you get older, you will grow taller.

7 was This was an exciting day!

8 some Would you like some broccoli?

9 all We are all students in Mrs. Kist’s class.

10 what What is your name?

11 when When will we have lunch?

12 look Look at my new pencil.

13 out After three strikes, the batter is out!

14 made You have made a colorful picture.

15 like I like to walk my dog.

16 she She is my oldest sister.

17 with Please come with me.

18 this This is the best day ever!

19 they Do you know where they are?

20 be This will be a fun book to read.

21 but We want to swim but it is raining.

22 are Are there many children?

23 his This is his favorite toy truck.

24 see Do you see the three cats?

25 of Ms. Walker is the principal of our school.

26 him Please show him the best way to do it.

27 her She loves to dance with her father.

28 my My teacher helps me learn.

29 had Have you had chocolate today?

30 up Echo, the owl, lives up in a tree.

31 for I made a card for my brother.

32 go We will go to the store tomorrow.

33 no They said, “No, thank you.”

34 to Please give the paper to Mrs. Smith.

35 in We have 8 boys in our class.

36 on Please put the book on the table.

37 he He is a smart boy.

38 and You and I are friends.

39 me Will you read with me?

40 we We are going on a field trip to the zoo.

41 I I like to read books about animals.

42 a There is a cat under the car.

43 it It is fun to play outside.

44 at We baked cookies at Grandma’s house.

45 am I am six years old.

46 the Mrs. Kist is the Kindergarten teacher.

47 you What are you eating for lunch today?

48 is Sadly, this is the end.

49 End of List Good work!

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