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POLAND AND HUNGARY IN ENGLISH. Poland is a country in central Europe.

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4 Poland is a country in central Europe

5 Polish flag

6 Polish symbol

7 Polish anthem – music and lyrics

8 Józef Wybicki Jan Henryk Dąbrowski

9 Polands neighbours

10 Land area of Poland is about 312,679 km2 with over 38.5 million people

11 The current president of Poland is Bronisław Komorowski Polish Prime Minister is Donald Tusk

12 Polish currency is złoty




16 Polish Baltic coast

17 Wisła river – 1047 km long

18 Mazury Lakes

19 Masovia - Mazowsze

20 Silesia - Śląsk

21 Sudety Mountains Śnieżka Mountain

22 Karpaty Mountains Rysy 2499 m

23 Climate

24 Poland is devided into 16 voivodeships - województwo

25 Województwo is devided into powiaty ; powiaty are devide into gminy.

26 Warszawa

27 Kraków

28 Łódź

29 Tri-City Gdańsk Gdynia Sopot

30 Wrocław

31 Poznań

32 UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage POLAND

33 UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage 1.Cracows Historic Centre 2.Auschwitz- Birkenau 3.Historic Centre of Warsaw 4.Medieval Town of Toruń 5.Kalwaria Zebrzydowska 6.Wooden Churches of Southern Lesser Poland 7.Centennial Hall in Wrocław 8.Wieliczka Salt Mine 9.Białowieża Forest 10.Old City of Zamość 11.Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork 12.Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica 13.Muzakowski Park

34 Cracows Historic Centre

35 Auschwitz- Birkenau

36 Historic Centre of Warsaw

37 Medieval Town of Toruń

38 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

39 Wooden Churches of Southern Lesser Poland

40 Centennial Hall in Wrocław

41 Wieliczka Salt Mine

42 Białowieża Forest

43 Old City of Zamość

44 Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork

45 Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica

46 Muzakowski Park

47 Famous Polish People

48 Mikołaj Kopernik astronomer who showed that the Earth moves around the Sun.

49 Maria Skłodowska- Curie (1867-1934) physicist and chemist, discovered Radium and Polonium in 1898. She was twice awarded the Nobel Prize: in 1903 in physics and in 1911 in chemistry.

50 Tadeusz Kościuszko (1746 – 1817) Polish national hero, general and a leader of the Kościuszko Uprising against the Russian Empire

51 Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849) pianist and the greatest Polish composer

52 Adam Mickiewicz (December 24, 1798 – November 26, 1855) influential national Polish Romantic poet, the greatest figure in Polish literature, especially known for his epic poem Pan Tadeusz

53 Henryk Sienkiewicz (1846-1916) distinguished Polish late-nineteenth-century novelist won in 1905 for his historical novel 'Quo Vadis' (1895)

54 Władysław Reymont (1867-1925) early 20th-century Polish novelist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1924 for his novel 'Chłopi'

55 Czesław Miłosz (1911-2004) poet, prose writer, essayist, translator. Nobel Prize-winner in 1980.

56 Wisława Szymborska (1923-2012) poet and literary critic, awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1996

57 Blessed Pope John Paul II (18 May 1920- 2 April 2005), born Karol Józef Wojtyła) Polish priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 265th Pope since 1978 until his death

58 Father Józef Tischner (1931-2000) philosopher, priest, one of Poland's greatest 20th- century thinkers

59 Lech Wałęsa, (born 1943) leader of "Solidarność" ("Solidarity"), trade union activist, politician, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1983

60 Stanisław Lem ( September 12, 1921 - March 27, 2006) science fiction writer, best known for his novel Solaris published in 1961

61 Magdalena Abakanowicz (born 1930) sculptor

62 Agnieszka Holland (born 1948) film, theatre and television director

63 Andrzej Wajda (born 1926) director. He won a Lifetime Achievement Oscar in 2000.

64 Krzysztof Penderecki (born 1933) composer and conductor

65 Marek Kamiński (born 1964) Traveller; in 1995 he was the first person to reach both poles: the North Pole on 23rd May 1995 and the South Pole on 27 Dec. 1995.

66 Robert Korzeniowski (born 1968) athlete. Olimpic and world walking champion (1997, 2001). A Council of Europe ambassador for tolerance and fair play.

67 Adam Małysz (born 1977) a ski-jumper. He had astounding victories at the Four Hills tournament and World Cup


69 Hungary is a country in central Europe

70 Hungarian flag

71 Hungarian coat of arms

72 "Himnusz" is a song beginning with the words Isten, áldd meg a magyart (God, bless the Hungarians) that's a musical poetic prayer that serves as the official national anthem of Hungary

73 The words were written by Kölcsey Ferenc, a nationally renowned poet in 1823 Its currently official musical setting was composed by the romantic composer Erkel Ferenc

74 Hungarys neighbours

75 The current president of Hungary is Ader Janos The prime minister is Orbán Viktor

76 Hungarian currency is forint.



79 The region west of the Danube is called Transdanubia (Dunántúl).

80 The large flat area in the eastern part is the Great Plains (Alföld).

81 North Hungarian Mountains (highest point: the Kékes at 1,014 m).

82 The main waterway - the Danube (Duna) Other large rivers are the Tisza and Dráva

83 Transdanubia contains Lake Balaton - the largest lake in Europe.

84 Lake Hévíz is one of the world's largest thermal lakes.

85 Climate

86 Hungary is divided into 19 counties (megye).

87 Budapest – the capital

88 Debrecen

89 Miskolc

90 Szeged

91 Pécs

92 Győr

93 Szolnok

94 UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage HUNGARY

95 UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage 1.Budapest, including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue 2.The old village of Hollókő and it's surroundings 3.The Aggtelek National park 4.The 1000 years old benedictine monastery of Pannonhalma 5.The Hortobágy National park 6.The early Christian catacombs in Pécs 7.The area around the Fertő tó (Neusiedlersee) 8.The historical Tokaj wine region

96 Budapest and the Banks of the Danube

97 Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue

98 The old village of Hollókő and its surroundings

99 The Aggtelek National Park

100 The 1000 years old benedictine monastery of Pannonhalma

101 The Hortobágy National Park

102 The early Christian catacombs in Pécs

103 The area around the Fertő tó (Neusiedlersee)

104 The historical Tokaj wine region

105 Famous Hungarian People

106 Kőrösi Csoma Sándor (1784 – 1842) Hungarian traveler, philologist and orientalist, author of the first Tibetan-English dictionary and grammar book.

107 Petőfi Sándor ( 1823 –1849) Hungarian poet and liberal revolutionary. He is considered as Hungary's national poet and he was one of the key figures of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

108 Jókai Mór (19 February 1825 – - 5 May 1904) Hungarian dramatist and novelist.

109 Ady Endre (November 22, 1877 - January 27, 1919) Hungarian poet

110 Munkácsy Mihály (20 February 1844 – 1 May 1900) Hungarian painter

111 Izsó Miklós (September 9, 1831- - May 29, 1875) Hungarian sculptor whose sculptural style integrated elements of classicism and academic style.

112 Szent-Györgyi Albert (September 16, 1893 – October 22, 1986) Physiologist who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1937. He is credited with discovering vitamin C

113 Neumann Janos ( December 28, 1903 – February 8, 1957) He is generally regarded as one of the greatest mathematicians in modern history.

114 Gabor Dennis (1900 – 1979) Hungarian-British electrical engineer and inventor, most notable for inventing holography, for which he later received the 1971 Nobel Prize in Physics.

115 Farkas Bertalan (born August 2, 1949) the first Hungarian cosmonaut

116 Rubik Ernő (born July 13, 1944) inventor, architect and professor of architecture. He is best known for the invention of mechanical puzzles including Rubik's Cube

117 Presser Gábor (born 27 May 1948) Hungarian rockman and composer. Member of Omega band (1966-1971), creator of Locomotiv GT band. He has composed music to over 30 films.

118 Kovács István (born August 17, 1970) Hungarian boxer. Olympic medalist and world champion.

119 Egerszegi Krisztina (born 16 August 1974 ) Hungarian former world record holding swimmer and one of the greatest Hungarian Olympic champions of the modern era.

120 Hungary and Poland became members of the European Union (EU) on the same day 1 May 2004.

121 March 23rd the "Day of Polish- Hungarian Friendship"



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