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Beryllium Be TF and PO 12/9/13 Period 4.

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1 Beryllium Be TF and PO 12/9/13 Period 4

2 Brief History Emeralds and beryl both known to the Egyptians
It wasn’t realized that emeralds and beryl are the same mineral (beryllium aluminum silicate) until the end of the 18 century Discovered by Louis Nicolas Vauquelin ( ) in 1797 in France Origin of name: from Greek word “beryllos” meaning “beryl” Isolated much later on in 1828 by Friedrich Wohler and Antoine Bussy by the action of potassium on BeCl2 in a platinum crucible

3 Important Characteristics
Group 2 element (alkaline earth metal) and period two element S-block element Resists oxidation in air at ordinary temperatures Beryllium compounds are very toxic It can scratch glass Aquamarine and emerald are precious forms of the mineral beryl Tendency to lose an electron Compounds are rather covalent

4 Important Properties Melting point: 1,287 degrees Celsius
Boiling point: 2,469 degrees Celsius Standard state: solid Metal Density: 1.85 g/cm^3 Oxidation number: +2 Electronegativity: 1.57 Atomic radius: 112pm Steel grey in color It is hard and brittle Shiny, metallic luster

5 Important Uses X-ray windows Ceramics A moderator in nuclear reactions
Springs, electrodes, and nonsparking tools High performance aircraft, missiles, spacecraft (such as the U.S.A. space shuttle), communication satellites Gyroscopes, computer parts, and musical instruments Military applications Mirrors Jewelry (emeralds, etc.) Welding

6 Value of Beryllium in Chemistry
Cost per gram: $0.93 per gram Lightest member of the alkaline earth metals Used as a low percentage component of hard alloys, especially with copper as the main constituent but also with nickel- and iron-based alloys -strengthens copper to help prevent sparking when used in tools -bonded to metals to reduce inflammability and tarnishing

7 Fun Fact Because any beryllium synthesized in stars is short-lived, it is a relatively rare element in both the universe and in the crust of the earth.

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