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Ch 3.1 From Cells to Tissues to Organs

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1 Ch 3.1 From Cells to Tissues to Organs


3 Tissues A group of specialized cells in an organism that have similar structure and function.

4 Tissue Cells Each tissue cell works with and depends on the others as it performs its task. Even though different types of tissue cells perform different tasks, or have different specializations, ALL cells transform and transmit energy, expel waste, and reproduce during their existence.

5 Organs A group of tissues in an organism that performs a specific task.

6 Four Main Types of Animal Tissue
Connective Tissue Nervous Tissue Epithelial Tissue Muscle Tissue

7 Connective Tissue Supports and connects different parts of the body.
blood, fat, cartilage, tendons, and bone are examples of connective tissue.

8 Nervous Tissue Transmits and receives nerve impulses.
brain, spinal cord, and nerves are all made of nervous tissue.

9 Epithelial Tissue Covers the surface of your body and forms the outer layer of a structure. Lines the inside of organs such as the small intestine. One free surface of the epithelial tissue faces a body fluid or the environment.

10 Muscle Tissue Contracts to cause motion.
One type of muscle allows your body to move. Cardiac muscles contract rhythmically to pump blood. Contraction of smooth muscles helps move food along your intestines.

11 Animal Tissue The cells in these tissues work together to support their own lives as well as the life of the whole organism. These four types of tissue are found in different combinations in most of the organs in your body.


13 Three Main Types of Plant Tissue
Protective Transport Photosynthetic

14 Protective Tissue Forms a covering on most plants that helps prevent water loss and protects the plant

15 Transport Tissue Contains hollow, tube-like cell that move food and water through the plant.

16 Photosynthetic Tissues
Transform the Sun’s energy into sugar.

17 Plant Tissues All these types of tissues are found in the three organs of the plant: Leaves Roots Stems These organs make up the two plant organ systems Root System (below ground) Shoot System (above ground)

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