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Blood Blood Vessels Heart

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1 Blood Blood Vessels Heart
Circulatory System Made of 3 parts Blood Blood Vessels Heart

2 Blood Plasma- liquid portion of blood: water and dissolved substances (60% of blood volume) Red Blood Cells (RBCs)- transport oxygen Hemoglobin- protein in RBCs that carry oxygen No Nuclei or Mitochondria White Blood Cells- defend against disease Platelets- help blood clot Hemophilia- disease where person lacks platelets

3 Blood Vessels Arteries- carry blood away from heart
Branch into arterioles into capillaries Veins- carry blood to heart Capillaries come together to form venules which come together becoming veins Capillaries- one cell thick; tiny vessels that exchange gases between blood and body cells

4 The Heart Chambers: 4 Left Ventricle, Right Ventricle,
Left Atrium, Right Atrium Blood vessels: Aorta, Vena Cavae, Pulmonary Artery, Pulmonary Vein Valves

5 Heart Diagram Heart Song Play

6 Heart Picture

7 Heart Cont. Atria- receive blood and pump to ventricles
Ventricles- pump blood out of heart Valves-ensure blood flows in one direction Heart beat cause by blood hitting valves “Lup”- blood exits atria, enters ventricles and hits valves “Dup”- blood leaves ventricles, enters blood vessels, and hits valves

8 Open Heart Surgery Surgery Time Bad Heart

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